Monday, February 23, 2009

Theory of a Deadman: Changing the Facial Hair

Has anyone else noticed that Theory of A Deadman lead singer, Tyler Connolly, has seemed to appear younger with each new album released? I’ve been a fan of the band since their eponymous debut disc hit the stores, and on their first album, Tyler’s facial hair was rugged and mean. His appearance was that of a biker, and an older one at that. Take a look:

After their debut, TOAD started picking up a lot of buzz and people took notice of the band. Make Up Your Mind was a huge radio hit, and that’s what got my attention. Being backed by Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger didn’t hurt any either.

So when they released their second disc, Gasoline, I noticed that Tyler looked a little different. He appeared younger somehow, more matinee idol-like. What was different? What had changed? His facial hair! Tyler went from sporting the older, meaner, fu-man-chu moustache, to the teen idol soul patch.

Why the change? One can only guess that the folks in marketing realized the band was about to take off like a rocket, and they got a hold of Tyler and told him he needed to look more appealing for the younger crowd, RE: young girls who spend money.

I could be completely wrong on this, but it certainly seems to make sense. Musicians change their image all the time for the sake of record sales or recognition. It’s like working a 9 to 5. Certain jobs require a certain look. The business man on Wall Street has to wear a three piece suit. The guy at the deli counter wears an apron. The rock star looks like a matinee idol. It’s all about dressing and appearing the part. It makes sense to me, and the soul patch definitely trumps the fu-man-chu. What do you think?

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