Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - First Week Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Friday’s Rockin' Round Up where you get the best rock on the web in one sitting. Every Friday, your cousin Ryo will round up the best rocking stories of the week and provide them for your viewing pleasure via link. So let’s see what rocked this week.

Iron Maiden is finally set to do something with all the filmed footage they took last winter/spring during their Somewhere Back In Time tour. I thought it was going to be used for another DVD release, but apparently that’s not the case. Can you say “Up the irons!” at your local movie theater?

Bruce Springsteen’s latest disc is set to release on Tuesday, and cousin Ryo is anxiously awaiting this one. I can’t wait to get to the store on Tuesday to pick it up. While we wait, here’s a review of the new disc from Rolling Stone. Note the 5 stars they handed it.

And finally, over at the Hard Rock Hideout, they are giving away a pair of tickets to see Rock Gone Wild, the ultra rock festival taking place in Iowa in late August. The line up looks awesome so far and new bands are still being announced weekly. So, if you could win a free pair of tickets, the only cost incurred would be travel. Sounds like a fun summer mini-vacation to me. Enter to win here:

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