Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Rough Week at Work Edition

Like most folks struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet in this awful economy, your cousin Ryo works a full time job. This has been a rough week at my office with people resigning, business concerns, teams merging, and an overload of work with not enough people to produce it. I still don’t understand how anyone can expect two week’s worth of work to be done in one day, but I guess that’s why they are called bosses. Maybe one day I’ll hit the lottery and not have to work anymore!

And while I was surviving a horrible work week, here’s what happened in the world of rock and roll:

Live Nation had their first major ticketing test last week when Phish tickets went on sale for several stops on the newly reunited band’s tour. Obviously things did not go according to plan and fans were not pleased with the situation. It even made some long for Ticketmaster – now that’s scary!

Keeping with the angry fans and ticketing theme, there was chaos at the Springsteen fan camp as well. As noted in yesterday’s post, several fans were shut out of tickets, but redirected to another site where they could pay three times the amount for tickets. I particularly like the fan comments in this one. Don’t mess with Jersey!

Is it possible that Eddie VanHalen and David Lee Roth are mellowing in their old age? It’s too bad that Michael Anthony won’t be back anytime soon.

And finally, the 2009 Bonnaroo lineup was announced this week. It contains all of the bands that no one could get tickets to due to glitches and errors. Maybe it wasn’t a Ticketmaster or LiveNation conspiracy. Perhaps the mastermind behind all of this was Bonnaroo…

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