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CrueFest Part Three - August 23, 2008

CrueFest Part Three - Papa Roach

Part Two: Sixx AM

Part One: Trapt

Last week I reviewed Sixx AMs, performance and the antics of the tattoo woman. This week I’ll cover Papa Roach’s portion of the show.

Papa Roach
Perhaps the best part of the evening came when Papa Roach took to the stage. Having never seen them in concert, I wasn’t sure what to expect. At that time, I was becoming a big fan, having been won over by The Paramour Sessions, after basically forgetting about the band after their debut.

A word about Metal Eddie. When attending a concert with this guy, I never know what to expect. He is a true metal fan, excited like a kid in a candy store, for every metal show we attend. While I admire his passion and enthusiasm, I am a little more conservative and I’m also claustrophobic. So, when Metal Eddie wanted to run down into the pit of people swarming near the front rows, I had to politely decline and stay in my seat. There were less people around me, which meant more headbanging room.

Papa Roach stormed the stage with the energy of a category 5 hurricane. Jacoby Shaddix wasted no time letting the crowd know that they were here and the crowd had no problems confessing their love for him and his band. At this point in the afternoon, the ampitheater was filled to capacity and the lawn was almost completely full. Papa Roach was an act the people wanted to see.

They opened with …To Be Loved and did an incredible version of it live. The guitar and drums were crisp and clear, and Jacoby’s voice was album perfect. He whipped the already lively crowd into a frenzied state. Fists were pumping, girls were screaming, guys were roaring – Papa Roach was pulling out all of the stops.

A lot of songs from The Paramour Sessions were played, which is understandable as it is not only their latest album, but also their best. Classic tracks included She Loves Me Not, Dead Cell, and Between Angels and Insects.

During Time Is Running Out¸ I witnessed a feat I had not experienced since Mark Slaughter tried it during the inaugural Poison hair metal festival. Jacoby Shaddix jumped right down into the crowd with no qualms at all. While still singing the song, he walked through the audience, shaking hands, hugging and kissing girls, and high-fiving everyone around. He did all this without ever missing a note! A crowd of people followed him through the aisles and he just kept singing his ass off, letting you know that he was here to entertain you. It was an amazing moment and one that sealed the deal on my love for Papa Roach.

The highlight of their set was Getting Away With Murder from the album of the same name. The live version was killer and performed with such an emotional rage that you just felt the words and music as it poured out of the band. “I feel irrational, so confrontational, to tell the truth I am, GETTING AWAY WITH MUDER!”

Jacoby was a madman. He ran that theater and orchestrated the crowd sing along, encouraging the roars and screams of positive feedback. “This is a rock show! Get off your ass and stand up! Let me see you jump! Jump! Get out of your seat!” He encouraged us all to stand up, rock out, and roll on.

After closing the set with Last Resort, Jacoby started a crowd chant of “Papa Roach! Papa Roach! Papa Roach!” We chanted and chanted. We were actually screaming for an encore, but to no avail, that was their last song and there would be no return.

Papa Roach won me over from a casual fan to a devoted fan with that performance. Any band that gives their all, and shows the dedication and devotion that they did, deserves to have my die-hard fanship. And when the next tour comes around, I hope to see Papa Roach headlining a festival of their own. They could definitely pull it off.

Next Week: Buckcherry takes the stage.

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