Monday, March 2, 2009

Hinder Haters

With the Motley Crue concert coming up in less than a month at MSG, I’ve been listening to a lot of Hinder, preparing myself for their slot at the Crue show. What I’m having trouble understanding is all of the Hinder haters out there. This band is quickly becoming one of the best sleaze rock bands since the 80s, and yet there are thousands of haters. And the haters are REAL haters. Some have even created anti-Hinder websites. What gives?

Is it fear? Is it a testament to our age? Are we afraid to let the young guns come in and overtake the music? Personally, I think Hinder is a damn good band that’s going to be headlining their own shows in another year. The fact that they are taking the stage after Theory of a Deadman during the current Crue tour only helps to solidify that statement.

But, man, the haters are out in full force. Reasons for hating the band vary from not liking Austin Winkler’s raspy vocal style to thinking that their lyrical content and musical sound is not original enough. Lyrically speaking, Hinder may not be writing timeless masterpieces, but their content is certainly creative enough, much more so than Poison’s was back in the day, and more so than some of the current Crue offerings.

Hinder is the hot new thing, and some people just have to hate the hot new thing in order to show their autonomy. I think that’s silly and immature, but hey, that’s just me. There is no rational reason to hate Hinder. Their music may not be for everyone, and their sleazy style may not appeal to all the music fans, but those fans that love glam, love hair metal, love the Hollywood scene, well, I don’t get their obsession with hating Hinder.

Music is a funny area of life. Everything about it is subjective, and people can dislike something just because it doesn’t appeal to them, with no rational explanation. That’s the beauty of music. I just think more people should give Hinder a serious listen before writing them off as something that’s not for them. They might be surprised to find out how great the band really is.

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Hard Rock Hideout said...

I really don't understand the Hinder bashing either. I saw them for the first time last December, and really enjoyed their show. I will definitely go see them again.