Wednesday, March 25, 2009

John Corabi Gets No Recognition

A funny thing occurred to me the other day while listening to Union. Do you know how many bands John Corabi has been in? The two most obvious are Motley Crue and Ratt. However, the crab has also been in the aforementioned Union, the Eric Singer Project, Brides of Destruction (uncredited), Twenty 4 Seven, Vodooland, and the Scream. That’s a lot of bands, some of them not so small.

He’ s most known for being lead singer/guitarist in Motley Crue after Vince Neil on the self-titled 1994 disc that is underrated and stellar. Unfortunately for Corabi, by 1997, Motley wanted to reunite with Vince and he was out in the cold. The fans never embraced the sound or the style and they certainly never embraced the crab. Personally, I think the self-titled disc is one of their strongest and I love John Corabi’s vocals. They also sound great on Union, the debut release featuring John and Bruce Kulick on guitar.

Having moved on to Ratt for a few years as second guitarist, Corabi was away from the spotlight and content to be touring with Ratt. Last year he split with the group (who reunited with Stephen Pearcy) and has gone into the studio to work on a solo CD. I’m interested in seeing who he works with for that and how the sound will be. Corabi knows enough people in the industry to make a stellar, guest filled, musical genius CD, if that is the direction he would like to go in. However, he is also talented enough to make a fantastic solo record all on his own.

You can visit his myspace page here:

And here’s some of his past work:

I’m looking forward to hearing his solo disc and I hope it gets released this year.

What do you think of John Corabi?

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