Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Dave Matthews Band Concert Edition

I went to see Dave Matthews Band live at the IZOD Center on Wednesday night. As usual, the show was incredible. Here are a few things I learned from attending:
1. At 35, I can’t party like I’m 25, especially on a work night
2. Pot smoke rises, particularly to section 238
3. Second-hand pot smoke makes me feel like ass the next day
4. College girls + illegal drugs + Dave Matthews Band concert = dancing, giggling girls getting into trouble that might be on You Tube in the near future
5. When attending a Dave Matthews concert, always have a bottle of water handy for the ride home. More likely than not, you will have cotton mouth

And while I was getting a contact buzz and singing along to Dancing Nancies, Two Step, Granny, and other DMB greats, here’s what was happening in the rest of the music world:

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam will be taking a break from working on their forthcoming album. Vedder will be embarking on another small solo tour. While I like solo Eddie a lot, I would really prefer that Pearl Jam finish their new disc and get it out to the masses already. However, I am sure this is all part of the slow buildup to their 20th anniversary. See Eddie’s tour dates here:

The Old 97s are hitting the road again this spring, and finally with some East Coast dates. Good news indeed, perhaps I will get to see them live. Tour dates are here:

Dave Matthews Band is giving away free music. Funny The Way It Is is the first single from the forthcoming Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King. The single is phenomenal! Download it for free right now. You won’t be disappointed. Link is here:

Green Day is currently on the road doing some warm-ups to promote their forthcoming 21st Century Breakdown. Reviews are strong and I am highly curious to hear this disc. Read about their recent concert here:

And finally, Hard Rock Hideout’s Christina Sixx wrote a great post that really touched a nerve in me. She questioned where all the good bands have gone. I don’t want to think that we’ve seen the best that hard rock and heavy metal have to offer. There are bands emerging that are going to be something big, and I am sure there are undiscovered bands that are going to break through soon. I have to believe that, because I am a music lover. Read her article here:

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