Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Financial Literacy Edition

Did you know that April was national financial literacy month? It’s supposed to help everyone create awareness about spending, saving, investing, and how to better manage their money so they do not have to work until the age of 85.

Other than reading the music blogs and the sports blogs on a daily basis, your cousin Ryo also reads the financial blogs, because frankly, I would rather spend the remainder of my life following a band on tour, or being a roadie, than working in project management.

About a year and a half ago, my entire financial life changed when I read Your Money or Your Life, a fantastic book that forced a reexamination of my relationship with money. That set me forward on the path I currently walk, the path to independent financial freedom, and freedom from the chains of 9 to 5 slavery.

In honor of national financial literacy month, I want to turn the readers on to my favorite money websites, and I recommend getting a copy of Your Money or Your Life which was recently updated to reflect the modern day.

For great financial websites check out the following:

Get Rich Slowly: a great blog by JD Roth who underwent his own financial makeover and is sharing his knowledge with whoever finds him.

The Simple Dollar: Like JD, Trent Hamm writes a site designed to help people understand their finances better and to live a more frugal lifestyle. Trent also underwent a major financial makeover that helped lead to his site.

Liz Pulliam Westin: Quite possibly my favorite financial writer. Liz is a featured columnist on MSNs money section and I love everything she writes.

And yes, lest we forget, this is a music blog, not a finance blog, but the above sites may help you save some cash so you can attend future concerts or buy those new release CDs instead of illegally downloading them! Here’s what rocked this week:

Jane’s Addiction still can’t get along. No shock here, I don’t think the members of this band ever liked each other. Now they have Trent Reznor trying to play referee. Good luck, Trent, you’ll need it. Let’s hope they can stay together long enough to complete this tour.

Green Day has announced their tour dates and cities for their upcoming summer tour. No venues announced yet. I’m wondering if they’re going to play the Garden when they come to New York City, or if they’re one of those bands that thinks playing in New Jersey counts for playing New York. We’ll find out soon, I guess.

The Lollapalooza lineup was announced. Other than Jane’s and Depeche Mode, there is nothing on the bill that would have me travelling to Chicago. That’s just me. Perhaps I need to learn more of these newer bands, but I have a feeling that most of them won’t be around in two or three years.

This is an interesting little piece on the comeback of vinyl. While I consider myself a “CD” kind of guy, I still enjoy vinyl and I do own quite a few records, still in mint condition, most noticeably Kingdom Come (their debut album), Van Halen’s OU812, and Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti. Who knows what vinyl treasures I may find when I visit the yard sales this weekend.

And finally, Stryper is announcing their first tour dates and locations today. Check them out here:

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