Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Cars - Door To Door

In 1987, The Cars released their swan song album, Door to Door. It would be the last time that the world would hear The Cars together as the original unit that recorded all of their studio albums. A year after the release of Door to Door, The Cars would split up for good. No reunion with original members would ever take place, and it’s likely that one with the remaining living members (Benjamin Orr died of pancreatic cancer in 2000) will never occur. So is Door To Door worthy of adding to your classic rock collection? Let’s spin the disc and find out.

Door To Door kicks off with the psychedelic Leave or Stay, which is a signature, new wave sound in The Cars repertoire. Setting the pace for the rest of the disc, Leave or Stay is a nice opener that’s not quite rocker, not quite ballad, which has always been the sound of the Cars.

You Are The Girl is next on the disc and was also the first single released from Door To Door. The most amazing part of this song comes when Elliot Easton launches into the guitar solo. Not a very well known guitarist (The Cars were more known for synthesizer rock), Elliot’s guitar work stands out proudly on this song.

Double Trouble is a grinding rocker that offsets with the 80s pop synthesizers blending in with heavy guitar and a one-two bass and drum beat. Ric Ocasek’s vocals sound a little grittier for this tune. This is a slow riding rocker that’s bound to catch your ear and have you singing along, or at least blaring in your car.

Coming Up You is one of the better songs on the disc and a memorable Cars tune that got lost over the years. It bleeds right into the next song, Wound Up On You, and this transition works well as Coming Up You is a moderate tempo and Wound Up On You is a much slower tempo.

Wound Up On You is the slow ballad of the disc, the band’s attempt at recapturing Drive (from Heartbeat City). However, this song does not stand up to that massive hit. While a great song in its own right, there will never be another Drive. Would Up On You is a good, slow ballad, and fits Door To Door well.

Ric Ocasek’s vocals sound exceptional. He worked hard to get just the right pitch and tone and his vocals stand out on the disc. Elliott Easton does some exceptional guitar work and gets his moments to shine, which was rare in this band where synthesizers and pop sounds dominated. Elliot’s guitar playing is brilliant in spots and adds an extra layer to the music providing a higher overall quality.

For their final record, The Cars did an excellent job. Although while recording it, they did not know it would be their last, this album holds up well with their rest of their catalog and I highly recommend it to any Cars fan that may not yet own it, any fan of 80s music, and/or any fan of the new wave genre.

Ryo’s Rating: 7.5 (out of 10)

Track List
Leave or Stay
You Are the Girl
Double Trouble
Fine Line
Everything You Say
Ta Ta Wayo Wayo
Strap Me In
Coming Up You
Wound Up On You
Go Away
Door to Door

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