Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Birthday Celebrations Edition

There are a lot of important birthdays coming up in the next two weeks for me. The first one is my God-daughter’s. Technically, her birthday has already passed, but the celebration for it is this weekend. She’s two years old and loves her God Daddy. I’m sure she likes her parents too.

My mother’s birthday is Monday. Happy Birthday Mom! Yes, I was kind enough to send her a card and a little something in the mail. Always be good to your mother. And I’ll be sure to call her on her birthday.

Lastly, my birthday is a week after my mother’s. I don’t know what my girls have planned for me this year, but I’m sure it involves going out to dinner (something I love to do). I just hope that I’m entitled to extra salt with my meal (the Mrs. is trying to keep me on a restricted salt diet) and ice cream cake. Beer wouldn’t be too bad either.

Here’s what happened in the world of rock and roll this week:

Sad, sad news to start with. Jay Bennet passed away earlier this week. Best known for his time in Wilco, Jay was a musical genius that rivaled Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones for most underrated band member. Jay brought a lot of different musical elements to Wilco during his tenure and made them a better band. His solo work was excellent as well. This news came as an unexpected shock to everyone. Jay was only 45 years old and working on new material, looking toward a brighter future.
Jay Bennet

Kiss has announced their opening act for their fan demanded 2009 tour – BUCKCHERRY. Cousin Ryo has just gotten much, much happier. Buckcherry and Kiss. That’s a great combination and a show that I am certainly looking forward to seeing. Read all about it here:
Buckcherry to open for Kiss

Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band just left New Jersey, but they’re already discussing their return. Tickets for the final concerts ever at Giants Stadium go on sale June 1st. Bruce and the band will be performing September 30th, October 2nd, and October 3rd. Your cousin Ryo is going to do everything he can to see at least two of these shows. Tickets range between $33 -$98 (plus fees, of course). You can try to get your tickets here:
Bruce Springsteen Tickets

This is an interesting little piece from Denver They discuss 10 outdoor concert theaters worth taking a road trip to this summer. Even though none of my local venues were on ttheir list, I thought it was neat to see these other theaters across the US. One year I may have to take a summer trip to visit venues across the US. 10 Outdoor Concert Theaters

And finally, a shameless plug for myself. I’ve been asked to write the occasional CD review over at Hard Rock Hideout. My first one, for the Lou Gramm Band, went up this week. Enjoy!
Ryo’s Review of Lou Gramm Band

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