Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Changes Are Coming Edition

June marks six months since I’ve launched this little blog. The Rock and Roll Guru has been a lot of fun for me. It’s been a blast writing posts and researching bands and tours. It’s been a thrill meeting new people that are just as insane about and addicted to music as I am, and it’s been an honor to write for other blogs, knowing their request came because of reading The Rock and Roll Guru.

However, as much as I am enjoying the ride, I still feel that I could be doing more – much more, as a matter of fact. So this summer, I am dedicating some additional time to make some changes to the site. They’ll be minor changes at first, tweaks, if you will. Then, as summer evolves, so will the site. I have several ideas of directions that I want to go in, and things that I want to do. I have to flesh all of these ideas out and see which ones are worthy of the additional investment of time. It should be all for the better and by the Fall; I hope that The Rock and Roll Guru is heading in the direction that I have envisioned.

Is there anything that you’d like to see? Any bands that you want more coverage of? Any bands that you think I cover too much? And sorry, no matter what you say, I will always be talking about Kiss. Drop me a line if you’ve got some ideas. I’m always open to suggestions and to improving the site, because without you, the reader, this site would be pretty pointless.

Here’s what rocked this week:

M3 kicked off the summer festival season this past weekend. It is a one day festival of metal mayhem, unlike the four day festivals being held later this summer. This festival was packed to the max with performers and fans alike. Rob Rockitt over at Hard Rock Hideout has his write up of M3 here. Sounds like he had a great time, he just had to do a lot of running.
Rob's review of M3

Not to be outdone, Allyson from Bring Back Glam also attended the festival. Sounds like she had a great time as well. Apparently, your cousin Ryo was the only blogger who wasn’t at this festival. Hmph!
Allyson's review of M3

Paul Di'Anno really needs to shut his mouth. He lives off of Iron Maiden and singing Iron Maiden songs, and then has the audacity to claim that all his songs are better than anything Steve Harris has ever done. Sorry, Paul, but you are quickly losing your legacy with comments like that. It’s a real shame considering all that Steve has done for you over the years. I especially like the comment s in this one. Read all about it here. Paul Di'Anno's rant on Iron Maiden

Eddie Van Halen is another angry musician that needs to pipe down. It’s bad enough you kicked Michael Anthony out, squandered your talent on booze and pills, and ran this once phenomenal band into the ground, now you have to go and talk trash about former members? Come on, Eddie, give me a break. One break coming up…!
Eddie Van Halen speaks his mind

And Michael Anthony’s retort (he makes some real good points):
Michael's comments

More from the shameless self promotion department. My review of Bullet’s Bite The Bullet went up at Hard Rock Hideout this week. You can read it here.
Ryo's review of Bite The Bullet

And finally, here’s an interesting little piece for those of you just starting to get into jazz music. It’s always tough to know where to begin, but this little list may help put you in the right direction.
100 greatest jazz albums

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