Monday, June 1, 2009

New Release Season Has Arrived

Summer is almost here, and with summer come new releases and summer tours. I always love this time of year, because there is a new release by a great artist almost every week. Record marketing executives work furiously to set these release dates during a time they feel will be optimal for the public to spend their hard earned money.

Although we’ve already been blessed with some great releases this year (most notably U2’s No Line On The Horizon, Papa Roach’s Metamorphosis, and Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown), there are still several more highly anticipated releases due this year.

This week (Tuesday, June 1st) will bring us Dave Matthews Band’s Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, Taking Back Sunday’s New Again, and 311’s Uplifter. I can not wait to get my hands on the new Dave Matthews disc, and if all goes well, expect a full review next Sunday. I’ll probably pick up the Taking Back Sunday disc as well, but I may want to hear a few tracks from it before I make my purchase. Their last disc (Louder Now) wasn’t up to the level that I expect from this band, and I don’t want to be disappointed purchasing the album based on new-release hype.

Pete Yorn’s Back and Fourth is due out later this month and is another disc that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Although his last disc, Nightcrawler, wasn’t as great as his previous efforts, it was still a solid disc. I have a feeling that his latest release is going to be amazing.

Wilco (the album) will also hit shelves in June. They’ve already released their concert DVD, Ashes Of American Flags, and now by adding a disc full of new material into the mix, this should amount to a great summer for Wilco.

Our Lady Peace will return to the scene with the release of Burn, Burn on July 21st. I haven’t kept up with this band much since their release of Clumsy in 1997, but the word on their latest is that it’s well polished and a return to their signature sound of the mid-nineties that catapulted them to stardom.

There’s also talk of Phish being in the studio with legendary producer Steve Lillywhite (Dave Matthews Band, Guster) with a fall release date slated. I am really intrigued to see what kind of music Phish can make after being apart for so long. The creativity amongst them must b e overwhelming.

And supposedly, Kiss is still on target for a fall release with their, as of now, untitled disc. That would be the perfect capper to the end of the summer new releases.

What about you? Any releases coming out that you are looking forward to, or can’t wait to hear? Post a comment and share your thoughts!

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