Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beyonce Ticket Prices

And I thought that AC/DC charged a lot for a concert. Recently, I received an email from the IZOD center promoting the upcoming Beyonce concert. I usually get these emails when a concert isn’t selling as well as the promoter thought it would. When I saw the ticket prices, I couldn’t help but laugh. The best tickets were going for over $247 per ticket. What? Is Beyonce insane?

I know she’s a gorgeous superstar that receives a lot of radio airplay and has a bunch of hit singles, but $247…really? She’s just another performer that’s screwing her fans and taking as much cash as possible. Now, I realize that it may not entirely be her fault. There is probably pressure from management, the PR firm, record company, and everyone else who has their hand in the pot. They want to make sure they milk this cash cow for all she’s worth before they send her out to the field to whither.

There are some tickets available for an affordable $17.75, but not many and they were waaaaaay upstairs. The next group of tickets, still in the upper level but a few rows lower, was going for $76.75. What? That’s too much money, Beyonce.

Cousin Ryo logged in to see what tickets were available for purchase. Of course there were no $17.75 tickets left; however, there were plenty off the $147 tickets available. Heck, I could take myself and 7 friends if I wanted to. So, this show is not a sell out, and a lot of the great seats are available via scalper. Since this show is not a sell-out, I hope the scalpers choke on their tickets and can’t sell them at all.

Once again, here is another artist that is way out of touch with reality and needs to realize that fans cannot afford to shell out exurbanite amounts of money for your live performances. Why would you charge your fans more than $150? Why would you even charge them $100? And Beyonce’s not the only one guilty of this. I’ve called out AC/DC and Bruce Springsteen too. It’s most of the performers today. They are so out of touch with reality, and they don’t truly care about their fans. The same fans that made them rich in the first place.

Pearl Jam tries to keep ticket prices down. Dave Matthews Band tries to keep ticket prices down. OAR does keep their prices low. These are the bands that are trying and succeeding. These are the bands that understand their fans current economic plight. These are the bands we applaud. Beyonce? She’s another corporate machine that will be forgotten in another 5 years. Don’t believe me? Whatever happened to EnVogue? Salt N Peppa? TLC?

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