Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dion Roy - Gallery

Hot off the independent scene is Dion Roy, a hard hitting musician that’s taking New York City (as well as the west coast) by storm with his beautifully blended harmonies, meaningful lyrical content, and a talent that hasn’t been seen in a long while. His debut effort, Gallery, is currently available for download. So is Gallery worth the time and investment? Let’s take a listen and find out.

Mix one part Wilco, two parts Ryan Adams, a dash of Pete Yorn, and a pinch of Son Volt, and you’ll come up with a sound that is Dion Roy. A fresh new take on the forum of folk rock, Gallery is a stellar debut by a talented artist that should break into the mainstream sooner rather than later.

Gallery opens with the hauntingly beautiful Come Back Around. This is a slow folk rocker in the vein of early Ryan Adams. The musical changes are an instant hit and after the first listen, I knew there was something special happening. Dion Roy is a departure from the everyday mainstream and a step above most independent music. While I was not sold on his vocal ability with this song, the rest of the album sets it straight and proves that Dion Roy can play guitar, sing, and put together complex melodies that stand out from the crowd.

You Can’t Take is the best track on the disc. It’s a song that grabs the listener immediately, doesn’t let go, and sells them on the style of music that is presented on the entire album. The lyrics speak of wanting more than a person can offer and how to deal with the pain and anguish that comes with troubled relationships (be they personal or professional). The subtle changes and segues between verse, bridge, and chorus are what make this song so powerful. The lyrics are meaningful, the music is pleasing, and the overall delivery of the song is amazing.

Won’t Go On picks up where the previous track left off, continuing in the vein of amazing folksy, blues rock. The vocals are strong on this song and cast aside any doubt about Dion Roy’s singing ability. With several diverse tempo changes and an upbeat rhythm, Won’t Go On is a pleasing song and a great addition to the disc.

So It Goes is a slow, melodic ballad that’s great to play late at night when there’s some serious thinking that needs to be done. The song delivers a hopeful message of the future while understanding the need for reflection on the past. It’s a song that speaks of hope and surviving today to wait for tomorrow. The message in the music is that while it may seem impossible to begin again, there are always better days ahead. Sometimes we need to just survive the moment we are on in order to enjoy the brighter future just over the horizon. While they may not be seen in the immediate foreground, they are truly waiting beyond the ridge of the unseen.

With a fresh new sound that’s sure to please even the most stubborn of ears, Gallery is worth seeking out and adding to your collection. The disc will certainly get multiple spins on your CD player and multiple listens in your IPOD. To order Gallery visit

Ryo’s Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Come Back Around
Waste It
You Can’t Take
Won’t Go On
So It Goes
Blind World
I’ll Never Know

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