Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - AC/DC Edition

Tonight I am going to see AC/DC live for the third time ever. I haven’t seen them since 2000 when they were supporting Stiff Upper Lip. The friends that I am going with have never seen them. It is going to be a wild night of rock and roll fun and your cousin Ryo is really looking forward to this show. Thunderstorms are expected, but by the time the concert starts, they should have passed us by. And if they haven’t, no big deal, I’ve seen many a concert in the rain enjoyed every one of them.

Of course I’ll have a full, comprehensive review of the show in the upcoming weeks. I’ll try to post the setlist this weekend (if I remember to write it all down). Happy Friday everyone! Here’s what rocked this week:

Here’s my review off Lillian Axe’s latest disc, Sad Day On Planet Earth. Check it out over at Hard Rock Hideout.Cousin Ryo’s Review of Lillian Axe

The word on the internet is that Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band plan to play Born To Run in its entirety during their stop in Chicago. Further rumors say that he will play a complete album during his 5 night stint at Giants Stadium, a different one every night. While I don’t know how much weight that rumor holds, it would totally make me buy a ticket for every single night of the Jersey stand.

I recently stumbled across a pretty cool heavy metal website worth sharing. Hard Rock Haven. They cover all things metal and have some decent writers. Concert reviews, CD reviews, and in depth interviews with all your favorite metal acts can be found. Check them out here:

AC/DC kicked off this leg of their Black Ice tour the other night. It looks like tonight is going to be one hard rocking, fun-filled evening. Read about their opening night here: (AC/DC Opening Night Setlist).

And finally, this is a very interesting article on the future of music and the new rules to be a rock star. While I don’t totally agree with their stats on physical CD sales versus digital sales, it is hard to ignore the direction that the music buyers are swinging in. And as the purchasers of new music get younger and more singles driven, it may one day be an all digital world.

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