Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - New Music Samples Edition

As mentioned in my post on Wednesday, there is a lot of new music coming out this fall. So much so, that your cousin Ryo will be spending quite a pretty penny on it. And with my (9 to 5) job situation worsening, that’s probably not the best idea. However, there’s no way I’m going to miss out on new Kiss, or new Bon Jovi. I’ll just have to eat Ramen Noodle for a week or two.

With new music comes the opportunity to sample the new songs without having to wait all day to hear it on the radio! Below are links to brand new singles from some of this fall’s most highly anticipated releases. Enjoy them! And if you like or hate them, leave a comment and let me know.

Hear The New Kiss Single
Want to hear the new Kiss single, Modern Day Delilah in its entirety? Well, you could always call your local radio station and demand it, or you could mosey on over to their website and listen to it on your computer. It’s a decent song, Paul’s vocals sound great, and Tommy’s guitar solo is shockingly fantastic. It makes me yearn for October.

Hear The New Bon Jovi Single
New Kiss isn’t enough new music for you? You’d like some more new music? Well, you can hear the new Bon Jovi single, We Weren’t Born To Follow by clicking the link above. This is another great song that makes me hopeful for the new album in November. With new Kiss and new Bon Jovi CDs to anticipate, I feel like I’m in high school again.

Hear The New Ace Frehley Single
Still need more? You can hear the new Ace Frehley single, Outer Space, on his website (or just click the link above). This song is ok. Not terrific, didn’t blow me away, just average. The guitars are good, but the lyrics are a little repetitive and Ace’s voice sounds slightly off. I’ll have to wait to hear the rest of the album before rendering a final decision.

The New Pearl Jam Single
Here’s another new single for ya! This one is from Pearl Jam’s forthcoming release, Backspacer. The Fixer is the name of their first single, and in typical Pearl Jam fashion, this song doesn’t hit me right away. It’s decent, but not exceptional. Most Pearl Jam songs and albums have affected me that way since Vitalogy. When I first heard Pearl Jam (their last album), I thought it was just OK. Now, after many, many listens, I think it’s one of the greatest albums ever. Click the link to hear the single and then give me your opinion.

Phish Too
All right, last new single for you. This is Phish’s Backwards Down The Number Line, and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s a catchy song, with a great hook, and the total Phish vibe to it. I absolutely love it and hope you will too.

Worst Album Covers Ever
And finally, to end with something completely different, we have this little gem. The worst album covers ever, complete with commentary. Some of the comments got a chuckle, but others got me to laugh out loud, one in particular, for a long time. I always loved sarcasm. Enjoy!

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