Monday, August 17, 2009

My Ultimate Dave Matthews Band Collection

Everybody has them. A favorite group of songs from a well loved band that have been collected onto one (or two) discs, packaged in the IPod, or stored on the computer, for instant access to your personal preferred setlist of music.

Yes, your cousin Ryo does this too, but a little more extreme. About five years ago, I started making what I call the “Ultimate” series. This consists of taking one of my favorite bands, selecting my favorite songs, and compiling them onto two discs. I believe that Aerosmith was the first “Ultimate” collection I made. Since then I’ve gone on to make a Bon-Jovi, AC/DC, and Iron Maiden, sketched out a Pearl Jam, and sketched out a U2, just to name a few.

While waiting for the release of Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, I compiled my first ever 3-disc Ultimate, in the form of Dave Matthews Band. DMB is a band that I got into rather late, as I had mostly ignored them after their debut album was released. When I rediscovered them however, I fell in love fast and furious.

The Ultimate DMB is a collection of my favorites meant to help me enjoy the songs that I think particularly stand out. It’s a collection that is meant to be played over and over again, and is much deeper than the greatest hits disc the band released. The list is below if you’d like to see which songs were included on the Ultimate DMB.

So, how about you? What’s your Ultimate package? Which bands do you make hit mixes of?
Comments are open. Feel free to post some.
Ultimate DMB

The Song That Jane Likes
Dancing Nancies
Lie In Our Graves
The Last Stop
Smooth Rider
Say Goodbye (Live)
Grace is Gone
Louisiana Bayou (Live)
Can’t Stop (Live)
You Might Die Trying
Crash Into Me (Live)
Ants Marching (Live)

Lover Lay Down
One Sweet World (Live)
Granny (Live)
Drive In Drive Out
So Much To Say (Live)
Tripping Billies (Live)
Gravedigger (Live)
What Would You Say
So Right (Live)
Cornbread (Live)
American Baby
Busted Stuff

Sweet Up and Down (Live)
The Space Between
True Reflections (Live)
Jimi Thing (Live)
Digging A Ditch
Some Devil (Live)
Long Black Veil (Live)
Two Step (Live)

Memory Motel (Live w/ The Rolling Stones)

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