Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Rockin' RoundUp - The Official End of the Summer Edition

Summer officially ends this weekend. Technically, it’s been over a couple of week s (since Labor Day), but this weekend marks the official ending of summer and the start of autumn. Here in North New Jersey, the air is already chilled at night and in a couple of more weeks I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the first frost. Brrr. I am definitely not ready for that.

Fall is a nice, pretty season, but it comes at a price. Admitting that another summer is over and another prime concert season has come to an end. I didn’t attend a lot of concerts this summer, and I didn’t get to any festivals. That’s going to change next year, and I’ll have all winter to decide which festival(s) to attend.

And while I was getting ready to change out my summer wardrobe, swapping T-shirts for sweaters, here’s what rocked this week:

The use of Kurt Cobain’s Image in Guitar Hero 5 has irritated a few people
This week kicked off with a bang when a clip of the upcoming Guitar Hero 5 came out. Not only was Courtney outraged, but so were the former members of Nirvana.

The final Nine Inch Nails concert ever (for now)
Here’s a review on the final NIN concert ever. I say “for now,” because we all know how farewell tours end up.

U2 remastering, reissuing, and re-releasing The Unforgettable Fire
Following in the footsteps of their re-released The Joshua Tree, U2 is giving The Unforgettable Fire similar treatment for its 25th anniversary. How many more bands are going to do this? I know it’s the hot new trend to remaster and re-rerelease classic albums with deluxe this and extra that, and I know this is a classic U2 album, but enough already. How many times are we going to buy the same album?

Hiatus for Springsteen & The E-Street Band?
OK, I have to admit, this post really bothered me. Not because the band may be taking a year or two off, but because it’s an obvious ploy to sell tickets that aren’t selling. Hinting that this may be your final tour ever, when you know damned well it isn’t, is a cheap tactic. Hey, guys! If you want to sell out stadiums, lower your ticket prices!

Jones latest CD due November 17th
Norah Jones is releasing her latest, The Fall, this fall. On November 17th, Jones will release her fourth album. I’m hoping that this one does not continue the trend of downward sliding. Each release since her debut has been a little worse than the one before. I’m hoping that The Fall will blow me away.

Brand new Pearl Jam out on Sunday
Pearl Jam’s latest, Backspacer, comes out on Sunday via Target. I will be there first thing in the morning to get my hands (and ears) on this beauty. It’s been too long since we’ve had some new Pearl Jam.

Gene talks Sonic Boom
While this post is nice and all, what I really want to know is whether Gene and the gang will make every Kiss fan in the world happy by dusting off a lost classic like Sweet Pain.

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