Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oasis - Definitely Maybe

Fifteen years ago, Oasis released their debut album, Definitely Maybe to much fanfare and rapid sales in the UK. It was the album that let the world know of the band and launched their storied career. Definitely Maybe went platinum almost immediately in the, UK, and has sold over 7 million copies worldwide. So, does Definitely Maybe live up to the hype and still hold up today, 15 years after its initial release? Let’s spin the disc and find out!

Definitely Maybe opens with the exceptional Rock N Roll Star. A killer lead off track with ripping guitars, heavy drums, and a voice that sounds like no other, this song announces the band and let’s everyone know that they intend to take over the world. Rock N Roll Star is a song that you fall in love with upon first listen and are still in love with after the 1000th listen. Rock N Roll Star is a song that epitomizes the Oasis sound and defines what great rock and roll should sound like.

Live Forever was the first single released from the album and really helped to generate the buzz about the band. With an undeniable bass drum and high hat introduction, this song is immediately identifiable anytime it comes on the radio, jukebox, or wherever music is heard. Another track that is undeniably Oasis, Live Forever completes the successful formula of excellent guitar work, solid steady drum beats, incredible vocals, and deep interpretable lyrics. The guitar solo in the middle of the song is a nice addition too.

The rock and roll hits just keep churning from that point forward. Up In The Sky is another heavy rock song with punch and flash, Columbia has excellent rhythm that is hard to find anywhere else in rock and roll, and Supersonic provides more of the unique style and sound with great guitar work and solid drum beats.

While Noel Gallagher’s guitar playing is undeniably stellar, and the rhythm section of Paul Arthurs, Paul McGuigan, and Tony McCarroll provide the backbone for the record, it’s Liam Gallagher’s vocals that push Definitely Maybe into the next stratosphere of greatness. With the right pitch of high notes and smooth sound, Liam has a voice that is silk, velvet, and heavy cream all rolled into one. It’s distinct, delicious, and one of a kind.

Definitely Maybe certainly holds up over time and is as relevant now as it was when it was initially released. A great rock and roll record that does not disappoint and is hard to beat, Definitely Maybe is a timeless classic. If you don’t already own this beauty, it’s time to go out and get it. You’ll be glad you did.

Ryo’s Rating: 9 out of 10

Track Listing
Rock N Roll Star
Live Forever
Up In The Sky
Bring It On Down
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Digsy’s Diner
Slide Away
Married With Children

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