Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Friday the 13th Edition

Today is Friday the 13th. Does that mean anything to you? Apparently it does to a lot of people. Did you know it is estimated that over 18 million US citizens are negatively affected by this day? They really believe that bad things will happen and most don’t even want to get out of bed.

I’ve always viewed this as a good luck day, but perhaps that’s just the optimist in me. However, research shows that early superstition held the belief that Friday the 13th was meant to be a good luck day, not a bad luck day. Some people still believe that it is a day of good luck. So let’s get philosophical for a moment. Whether you believe (and I mean really believe) that this is a day of good luck or bad luck, does that make it a self fulfilling prophecy? If so, wouldn’t it be better to believe in the good?

And while I was pondering the origins and superstitions of this day, here’s what rocked:

Maybe You Could Be The Next Aerosmith Singer
I hate to break it to Joe Perry, but without Steven Tyler, there really is no Aerosmith. Although, without Joe Perry, would anyone want to hear Steven Tyler? It looks like the end of a wonderful music relationship.

Or Maybe You Couldn’t…
According to this, the band isn’t splitting up anyway. Blogs N Roses wonders if it was all a publicity stunt. Cousin Ryo wonders what the hell is wrong with Aerosmith?

John Paul Jones on Them Crooked Vultures Debut
Well, of course he said the album rocks. What else is he going to say? The album sucks? I just hope that the disc is better than the free single, Mind Eraser, No Chaser, because that was not a very good song. It was free and I still want my money back.

DMX Backs Out Of Boxing Match
This is funny for so many reasons, but here are the two biggest ones. A. Why the hell is DMX even involved in a boxing match? What happened to his rapping and acting career? B. I think he backed out because he knew he was going to get his ass kicked. Come on DMX, go back to churning out some hit music, will ya?

New WASP Album Is Coming To America
The new WASP album, Babylon, will be available at select record stores next week and everywhere on December 5th. That’s great news. Maybe WASP will launch a US tour in the spring. That would be wonderful!

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