Thursday, December 24, 2009

Setlist Thursday: Dave Matthews Band - Beacon Theater June 1, 2009

As the official launch for Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King kicked off at the Beacon Theater, Dave Matthews Band captured the entire event for prosperity purposes (well, maybe Hulu captured it for that reason). This concert was broadcast live over the internet on and I was fortunate enough to catch most of it live. I’ve since watched the entire event (more than once) and if you’re interested, you can do the same. Just head over to and search Dave Matthews Band for the entire concert. This concert showcased a lot of material from the new album in an intimate setting. It was a great show and an excellent way to celebrate the arrival of a new disc.

Funny The Way It Is
Alligator Pie
Corn Bread
Out Of My Hands
Why I Am
Dreaming Tree
You Might Die Trying
So Damn Lucky
Anyone Seen The Bridge
Ants Marching
Time Bomb
Two Step
Rye Whiskey
Don’t Drink The Water
Grey Street

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