Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Wreck - In Loving Memory Of...

Back in 1997, Big Wreck had a modest radio hit with their breakthrough song The Oaf. The song stayed in radio rotation for a while and when it finally disappeared from the airwaves so did the band. While most people remember the single, not many picked up the album and that’s a shame. While becoming a dreaded “one-hit wonder,” Big Wreck left a gem of an album in their wake in the form of In Loving Memory Of…

In Loving Memory Of… is modern 90s style hard rock at its finest. A progressive sound layered in multiple guitars and punctuated by lead singer Ian Thornley’s voice, In Loving Memory Of… is a true treasure trove of untapped potential.

The album opens with the aforementioned hit single The Oaf which is an incredible time but far from the best on the disc. The opening guitar riff has instant recognition which bleeds right into the slamming drum beat that knocks the senses loose. Thornley’s voice flows in like a siren and both the album and the song explode from there.

Other notable tracks include the mellower Blown Wide Open, which has a powerful chorus coupled with a terrific guitar attack; That Song, which showcases Thornley’s vocal range and ability; and Under The Lighthouse which is a not-so love song about reflecting on what could have, or should have, been.

Certain songs like Blown Wide Open and Under The Lighthouse get into your head and never leave. The music possesses the listener and overtakes their brain cells, forcing fingers to hit the repeat button again and again.

Overall In Loving Memory Of… is a fantastic record that unfortunately fell victim to the corporate record machine that churned out similar knock offs and allowed bands very little time to form the core following crucial to their success. If you’re feeling nostalgic for some solid, mid-90s rock, or you just want to hear some great modern music, I highly recommend you go pick up In Loving Memory Of… It has all the elements that a great rock album needs and it should be relatively easy to find online.

Ryo’s Rating: 7.5 (out of 10)

Track Listing
The Oaf
That Song
Look What I Found
Blown Wide Open
How Would You Know
Oh My
Under The Lighthouse
Fall Through The Cracks
By The Way
Between You And I


BUK said...

Bro, please correct the typo. It's "The Oaf".

Ryo Vie said...

Thank you for the catch, my friend. All is corrected.

DigMeOut said...

Listen to a review of Big Wreck's In Loving Memory Of on the Dig Me Out Podcast at

DigMeOut said...

Listen to a review of Big Wreck's In Loving Memory Of on the Dig Me Out Podcast at