Sunday, January 24, 2010

Findlay Brown - Love Will Find You

Channeling the spirits of Roy Orbison, young Johnny Cash, and a little bit of the late 50s Doo Wop that Cousin Brucie loved, Findlay Brown is a new singer out of the United Kingdom poised to conquer an international audience, with an eye especially set on the United States. With his smooth voice, slick delivery, and talented vocal ability, Findlay Brown should have no problem developing his audience in rapid fashion. Had he arrived on the scene 20 years ago, he could have been a member of the Travelling Wilburys. As it is, he’s a throwback to the great, old time Buddy Holly style of rock and roll.

Love Will Find You showcases Findlay Brown’s many talents and styles, and is an amazing break from the everyday pop saturating the airwaves. This is throwback music with modern flair that feels familiar, but at the same time, is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. The opening track, Love Will Find You, proves that immediately. There’s definitely a crooner vibe to the vocals and the music, but something underneath the surface makes the song so much more. That special ingredient is what sets Findlay Brown apart. Love Will Find You, the album’s first single, is rife with strings, horns, and Brown’s amazingly smooth voice. A beautiful blend of soul, pop, and jazz, Love Will Find You, is bound to be a huge hit once it receives some radio airplay.

The beauty continues throughout the album. Nobody Cared opens with an Oasis like introduction then slows to a melody reminiscent of The Fray. Nobody Cared is an excellent song that highlights the inner strength of human emotion. The message is how we can move on even when we feel that the world is crashing around us. Changes are happening, but it’s the human strength that helps us carry through to tomorrow.

I Still Want You is another outstanding track that opens with a crafty piano twill that bleeds into a marching beat with a nifty rhythm section. The song crashes into a chorus of music that overflows the senses. There is so much happening that it’s easy to overlook the lyrics on first listen. Don’t. The words help communicate the theme of the entire album, human strength. The shortest song of the record, I Still Want You is a quick blast of passion that will find you hitting the repeat button several times.

I Had A Dream, the closer of the disc, finds Findlay Brown sounding his most Orbison like. If you close your eyes and swim in the music, you’d swear that Brown channeled Roy Orbison for this song. It could be an unreleased Orbison tune that was dug up from the vaults, but it’s not. This is Findlay Brown at his finest, showcasing the talent he has behind the microphone.

With an astonishing voice, beautiful harmonies, and music that sets the mood for some late night romance, Love Will Find You is an exceptional album that you will fall in love with. If you’re a fan of Harry Connick Jr., Roy Orbison, or the 50s swing with a modern twist, Love Will Find You is an album that you must own. Different in its throwback uniqueness, this record is a break from the everyday pop currently plastered all over the airwaves. Love Will Find You will set you free and feed the cravings for something new and extraordinary.

Ryo’s Rating: 8.5 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Love Will Find You
Nobody Cared
All That I Have
Everybody Needs Love
That’s Right
Teardrops Lost In The Rain
Holding Back The Night
If I Could Do It Again
I Still Want You
I Had A Dream

Here’s the video for Love Will Find You

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