Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of The Rock and Roll Guru. In honor of this day, I am reposting my very first blog post ever. I have had the time of my life blogging over the past year. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back!

Why This Blog Was Created

Since the ripe old age of 3, beginning with my self-imposed exposure to Bob Seger’s Night Moves, I have been obsessed with music of all kinds. Classical, jazz, hip-hop, rap, country, bluegrass, and of course, rock and roll of all types, have been endlessly enjoyed throughout the years.

Music has always been my passion. I’ve never been able to get enough of it, I can discuss it for hours on end, and my thirst for knowledge on the subject can never be quenched. Rock and Roll Jeopardy was my favorite show, because I would always score over 90%.

During my lifetime I’ve amassed a music collection nearly 3,000 albums strong (and growing). I’ve attended close to 100 live concert performances, and some of my greatest memories (as well as tragedies) revolve around music. At 35 years of age, that’s a lot of memories!

And now it is time to preserve those memories and share them with other fans of music. Thanks to modern technology, this can easily be done and thus, this blog was created for all those that are interested in reading about rock music of all types.

What do I hope to accomplish with this blog? Well, other than communicate my passion for music to anyone who cares to read about it, there’s a feeling of sharing. I want to share my experiences, my excitement, devotion, and love of music with like-minded people. There are many of us out there, we just need to find each other.

I also want to give back some of the joy I’ve received through music. If my words make anyone tingle for the briefest of moments, if my dedication to a particular band makes someone purchase one of their albums and feel the same level of joy, if the writings published here make anyone smile, rejoice, or feel momentarily entertained – then I have completed my quest.

Please feel free to follow me every step of the way on this journey through the world of music. As new music is released, you’ll hear about it. When new bands are discovered, I’ll share them here. When ticketmaster infuriates me with their disgustingly overpriced fees, expect to see a rant and a scream for change.

I’ll also be posting a detailed review of every concert that I’ve ever attended. These are currently scheduled to post every Saturday, but that may change as time moves on and this blog progresses.

Feel free to come back as often as you’d like, mark the page, or follow the feed. I’ll be here with a new post daily and I hope you’ll be strapped in and ready to follow along. I look forward to our time together and to being the rock and roll music blog of choice. Thanks for visiting my little space on the web.

Comments are open. Feel free to post some.

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