Sunday, February 14, 2010

Halestorm - Halestorm

Fronted by a gorgeous woman who has a voice stronger than Bruce Dickinson’s, powering out great music, and giving the rock world the kick in the balls that is so badly needed, Halestorm released their self-titled debut CD last year. It took me a while to find this band, but once I did, I jumped on board the train fast. To put it simply, Halestorm is amazing and their self titled debut is one of the strongest rock records I’ve heard in a long time.

Led by front woman Lzzy Hale, Halestorm is the hard rocking music you’ve been lusting for. Although she sizzles with sultry sexiness, Lzzy Hale is more than just a beautiful woman. She can sing with the best of them, her guitar playing skills are strong, and she is a true band leader. Halestorm showcases all of her amazing talent and folds in some great musicians alongside her. Backed by Josh Smith (Bass) Joe Hottinger (Guitar) and Arejay Hale (drums), Halestorm perform like a well oiled machine that has been around for a long time.

Halestorm kicks off with a cowbell (appropriately hysterical to those who get the joke) that leaps right into Lzzy’s signature howl and the rampant attack of guitars and drums. It’s Not You is a solid lead track that makes the listener sit up straight and say “Whoa!” It definitely commands your attention and may even find you hitting the repeat button before you can get to the second song.

I Get Off is a young man’s fantasy of wet dreams gone right. Lzzy sings about being watched through the window and knowing she’s being watched, yet still not closing the curtain. She enjoys the voyeuristic adventure of the Peeping Tom getting off on her, and it gets her off. I Get Off is not only sexy, it’s heavy. Pounding drums and exceptional guitar riffs fill out this song and the boogie beat that drives it all home is stellar.

I Bet U Wish U Had Me Back is the ultimate “screw you” song. Lzzy oozes confidence in this mega-ballad that strays away from the typical “I wish we were still with each other” lyrics. Her lines are playful and venomous at the same time. She sings how the estranged male must be wishing that they were still together because she was the best he ever had and they both know it. Her self-confidence is more of a turn on than her sexy figure. Confidence is hot and Lzzy pours it all out in this awesome rocker.

Dirty Work is another exceptional track filled with themes of doing what this mistress orders. Opening with a commanding guitar and drums I haven’t heard since Metallica, Dirty Work is a powerful, sing along anthem that’s a huge hit at Halestorm’s live show. After two listens you will find your fist in the air chanting along “Do my dirty work! Do my dirty work! Oh! Oh!” This is a powerful song that packs a lot of fun into less than 3 minutes.

Halestorm is a refreshing change of pace from the overused pedestrian rock that most groups are churning out lately. Halestorm has taken the rock world by the balls and squeezed. Rocking out the way they want to, peppering the music with sexual innuendos and a lot of old fashioned party fun, Halestorm has staying power and their debut album proves it. Filled with solid rock songs, power ballads the way they should be written, and a whole lot of Lzzy Hale, Halestorm kicks ass and is definitely an album that needs to be added to your collection!

Ryo’s rating: 9 (out of 10)

Track Listing
It’s Not You
I Get Off
I Bet U Wish U Had Me Back
Familiar Taste Of Poison
I’m Not An Angel
What Were You Expecting?
Love/Hate Heartbreak
Better Sorry Than Safe
Dirty Work
Nothing To Do With Love

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