Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Pub Crawl Edition

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be trolling through a lot of bars in New York City as I head out with my uncles, cousins, and friends on our third annual pub crawl. Last year we toured the city of Boston and had a bombastic time. This year appears to be even better than ever, with more guys coming along and a long day of drinking and having fun. By the end of the night, we are very well in the bag, but it’s always so much fun that I don’t even mind the hangover the next day. OK, maybe it hurts a little, but it’s worth the pain to have that good of a time.

Here’s what rocked this week:

Ace Frehley Live Review
You can read the review of Ace Frehley’s live performance over at Heavy Metal Addiction. The setlist is included and all I can say is “wow!” It appears that it was a great concert with an amazing choice of songs. Makes me wish I would have travelled to CT on Saturday.

A Very Deep Look At Stairway To Heaven
This is a long post, but a worthy read, as the author tries to determine just what makes Stairway To Heaven one of the greatest rock songs ever. A lot of research and insight went into this post. It’s an enjoyable read and although I get tired of the song sometimes, it did drive home the point of why it’s so popular.

The 5 Best Streaming Music Services
This is a great article for anyone looking for a streaming music service. Their choice for top 5 are broken down, include price and links. Personally, I use AOL Radio, but that’s because they have an all Pearl Jam station, an all Dave Matthews Band station, and a hair metal station. What more do I need?

Phish Heading Back On The Road
Phish recently announced a new tour for this summer. Add this to the list of great shows worth seeing in 2010. Full tour details are included in the link as well as on sale dates.

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