Monday, March 29, 2010

Have You Heard About I Heart Radio?

There’s a cool website out in the vast, endless internet that not enough of us know about. I have to admit I was introduced to this site by a reader. If not for him, I’d still be clueless to the existence of I heart radio. It is a great spot on the internet for all music lovers.

One of the best features on I Heart Radio is Stripped. No, it’s not a great new porn site or an online Gentleman’s club. Stripped is real music live and raw, captured on film and kept on the web for your viewing pleasure. And don’t mistake the title, Stripped is not an all acoustical performance site, it’s all about capturing the artist live in concert.

Stripped covers a wide variety of bands. From Puddle of Mudd to Norah Jones and almost everything in between, this site has the performers covered. I’ve recently watched Three Days Grace (Break), Puddle of Mudd (Spaceship), and The Fray (Never Say Never) and that’s only the beginning of what this site offers.

There is a news section that offers the latest in the world of music, but also covers world news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. There is a section called discover and uncover where you can find new artists and new music to enjoy. A selection can be made and with the click of a button the top 20 demanded songs by either a signed or unsigned artist can be listened to.

Are you an unsigned artist or in a band looking to get some exposure? Unsigned acts are encouraged to send their music into I heart radio and get their songs into the rotation. Sign up on the site and in a matter of minutes you can submit your music to I Heart Radio for consideration.

Do you want the option of listening to over 350 radio stations all for free? I Heart Radio can provide that. With their radio station section, listeners can select music by artist, genre, and or a combination of other choices. There’s also an option to enter a zip code and stream local stations from that area. If you’re nostalgic for that station you used to listen to in college or as a kid before you moved out of state, pop your old zip code into the station finder. That long lost radio station just may come up.

Like talk radio, world news, or sports? That’s all covered here as well. You can select between multiple stations similar to satellite radio. Listen to the world news, the latest sports talk and scores, and stay up to date with the hottest talk show hosts out there.

Like music videos? I Heart Radio has a lot of them as well. Over 10,000 to be exact. You can select a video by searching through a sorter, or by viewing the top 20 demanded videos. From the latest videos by Lady Gaga and Train to the classic hair metal videos of our youth, I Heart Radio has you covered.

I Heart Radio is available to stream on your computer, or download on your IPhone, Droid, or Blackberry for no cost. Visit to check it out. Just be prepared to lose hours of your time exploring the vast world of endless music possibilities.

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