Sunday, April 4, 2010

Almost Alice - The Soundtrack to Alice In Wonderland

Everyone knows that Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is out in theaters starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. From what I hear, Depp gives a brilliant performance and the movie is a fantastic one. I have yet to see it, but it is on my list along with Clash of the Titans.

Hailing from that movie is the soundtrack, Almost Alice, which contains 16 songs from the hottest artists around, both well known and new. The Almost Alice soundtrack is a collection of exceptional music that compliments the film. Filled with memorable music that will get multiple listens Almost Alice is a record worth getting your hands on.

Loaded with songs from great artists, Almost Alice includes music from All American Rejects, Owl City, Shinedown, All Time Low, 3OH!3 and Kerli amongst others. 15 of the 16 songs are brand new recordings just for this album. The lone exception is The Technicolor Phase by Owl City.

The disc opens with Alice by Avril Lavigne, and while I’m not her biggest fan, this song is decent and memorable. A solid opening number that sets up the rest of the soundtrack nicely, Alice is a song that you will enjoy regardless of your feelings for Lavigne.

All American Rejects check in next with The Poison. I am a huge fan of AAR, so to hear a brand new song from them was reason enough for me to want this disc. I’m not sure if The Poison is a leftover track from their recording sessions on When The World Comes Down, or if they went into the studio specifically with this movie in mind, but either way, The Poison is not their strongest work. That’s not to say it’s awful, it’s just that I’ve heard better form the band and I was disappointed in The Poison.

Shinedown’s new track, Her Name Is Alice, is one of their best songs to date. Keeping up with all of the masterpieces that were included on their latest disc, The Sound Of Madness, Shinedown hits a home run with this hard rocking heavy hitter. Short in duration, but long in quality, this could be the best song on the soundtrack.

Hip-Hop artists 3OH!3 team up with Neon Hitch to put together the fabulous Follow Me Down. With an upbeat dance rhythm, and fun lyrics that promote happiness and good times, Follow Me Down is an excellent track. The dance beat makes you want to jump up and down and I’m sure this will be a big hit in the clubs and on the radio. Follow Me Down is a wonderful contribution to Almost Alice.

Kerli’s Tea Party is included on this compilation. The funky tech beat and guilty pleasure rhythms make this a song worth listening to over and over again. Kerli is a hot new artist worth keeping your eye on. Tea Party may not be the best song from Almost Alice, but it has such a groove that it gets stuck in your head and never goes away. Kerli has talent and you should be hearing more from her in the future.

The coolest collaboration on Almost Alice is Mark Hoppus (Blink 182) and Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy). Friends for a long time, hearing these two team up for a song was a music newsworthy moment. In Transit is their contribution for this collection and it’s a solid track that makes you wonder if they have any plans for future recordings. With Fall Out Boy on indefinite hiatus (in other words, history) and Blink 182 making no announcements for new music after their reunion tour, this pairing should consider going into the studio together for an entire disc. If In Transit is any indicator, it would be a worthwhile effort and the fans would love it.

Whether you’ve seen the movie, or still have it on your wish list, Almost Alice is the perfect companion piece and a worthwhile addition to your musical collection. Filled with tracks from today’s hottest artists, Almost Alice sings with greatness. Featured music from long time favorites as well as hot new stars that are going to be long time favorites makes it a worthy investment. Almost Alice is available online, at major retailers, and at your local music shop.

Ryo’s Rating: 8 (out of 10).

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ruanacity said...

I love this soundtrack! You can listen to it on my blog. My favorite songs are "Her Name Is Alice" and "Welcome To Mystery", but really, all the artists are fantastic!