Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Good Friday Edition

Another Easter season is upon us. Today is Good Friday, which for me, marks the real start of spring and the end of the winter season. With baseball starting on Easter Sunday, and the weather expected to hit 80 this weekend in the northeast, it’s safe to say that spring has definitely sprung and not a moment too soon. I had way too much of this past winter.

Easter Sunday will also mark the end of the Lenten season. That’s a very welcome feeling for your cousin Ryo. This year, I gave up video games for Lent, and man, do I miss them! My plans for Easter Sunday include going to church, visiting with family, playing video games, and watching the Yankees on Sunday night baseball. Depending on what time I get up on Easter morning, I may be playing video games at a very early hour.

I hope that everyone has an enjoyable Easter/Passover season. For those of you lucky enough to have the day off, enjoy the three day weekend. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for my review of Pop Evil with Charm City Devils from the concert I attended with Stone last Friday.

Here’s what rocked this week:

Springsteen Announces A Special Edition of Darkness
As he did for Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen is releasing a re-mastered box set version of Darkness On The Edge Of Town, another incredible masterpiece from the late 70s. There appears to be several different versions coming out for this special set. Pricing may be a factor, but I’ve got my eye on the version that includes four concerts from that era.

Duff McKagan Joins Jane’s Addiction
With Slash going solo and no lead singer announced, it looks like Velvet Revolver is really over. Duff joining Jane’s is pretty freaking awesome! I am so looking forward to hearing him on the upcoming album.

Hear Slash’s Solo Album Before You Buy It
Speaking of Slash, do you want to hear his new album in its entirety? Well, click on the above link to find out where the album is streaming. This comes courtesy of our friends over at Sleaze Roxx.

U2 Releasing a Live DVD in June
Just in time for cousin Ryo’s birthday, U2 is releasing a live DVD of their 360 Tour. For all of us that couldn’t afford the insanely high prices for this tour ($250 to see the show, seriously guys?), this is the next best thing. And if I’m lucky enough to have my new TV and surround sound system by June, I can turn the lights out and this will almost be like seeing the concert. Not quite, but definitely a lot cheaper.

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