Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Rebellion - Time

Bringing the rock from the great white north, Canada’s fine act, The Rebellion, have released Time. Blending the styles of Coldplay, U2, and The Fray, The Rebellion are a modern rock act worthy of recognition. Their debut album, Time, is a showcase of just how grand The Rebellion are.

Time opens with the incredible lead track, Dr. Don’t, which highlights lead singer/guitarist Josh Palmer’s vocal style. Palmer has an amazing voice that is full of youth and power. His pitch and tone are perfect and his singing ability is impressive. Palmer’s voice is the first thing you will notice on Time.

One Night Hero, the best song on the disc, is a powerful track, very reminiscent of Coldplay with a hint of Midtown thrown into the mix. A moderate tempo, piano driven, modern rock tune cemented with a voice from the heavens, One Night Hero will hook you on The Rebellion. This song should be peppered all over the radio airwaves and it’s a song that everyone should listen to. With beautiful production, excellent time changes, and solid piano work by Silviu Moldovan, One Night Hero is a number one hit waiting to happen.

The great music continues on Change. This song has more of a U2 start that jumps into a modern rock riff. Palmer sings of love and never wanting to change his muse. His love for the muse is unfaltering and he accepts her for whatever she is, however she is. Change is a pretty song that inspires love in us all. Don’t be afraid to proclaim your love for someone, regardless of any errors they may have made in life.

The Wait Is Over is another standout track on Time. The Wait Is Over is a chance for guitarist Silviu Moldovan (he serves double duty) to shine. The song opens with a ripping guitar riff that leads into crashing drums and is swallowed up by Palmer’s vocals. A solid rock song, The Wait Is Over has summertime cruise written all over it. Hard and catchy, The Wait Is Over would be a great second single from Time.

While the first 8 tracks on Time are new music worth listening to, the back end of the disc falls apart with slower melodies and songs that are not as strong. Perhaps it’s a signal of how grand the first eight tracks are, but the last four songs don’t quite capture the art of The Rebellion. Bogged down in slow melodies, violins, ukulele outros, and sappy gimmicks, the end of Time was a little disappointing. However, the first two-thirds of the album more than make up for it.

With a modern sound worthy of everyday radio, powerful vocals by Josh Palmer, and catchy hooks and riffs that you will be singing along to, Time is an album worth seeking out. The album is available on ITunes or by visiting the band’s website If you’re seeking out a new sound that will have your foot tapping and if you want to be cooler than your friends, pick up a copy of Time.

Ryo’s Rating: 7.5 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Dr. Don’t
Start Us Over
One Night Hero
After The Rain
The Wait Is Over
Don’t Know How
Make Us Right
Angel of Death

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