Sunday, May 23, 2010

Airbourne - No Guts No Glory

Back with their massive attack of guitar driven, drum pounding, hard rock, Airbourne returns with their sophomore effort, No Guts, No Glory. Airbourne’s debut CD, Running Wild, was one of the best debut CDs to come out in a long time. With that in mind, the expectations were high for their follow up album. A lot of people were concerned about the sophomore jinx. Would Airbourne be able to deliver the goods again? Well fear not, rock fans. While not as spectacular as their debut disc, No Guts, No Glory still delivers the rock that would make any AC/DC fan proud.

Picking up right where they left off, these bad boys from down under continue the theme of booze, babes, and rock and roll. Born To Kill is the lead track that follows a theme of hard living. A hard rocking, guitar masterpiece, Born To Kill is divine. The song’s theme is centered on doing it your way and not caring about the rules, pure anti-authority rock and roll.

Gritty and raw, Joel O’Keefe’s vocals are a perfect blend for his heavy guitar and the fast paced, wild and crazy rhythm of No Guts, No Glory. O’Keefe has one of the best metal voices around and he shows his talent on this disc. Doubling up with a guitar in his hand, O’Keefe also proves that he can hold his own with any lead guitarist on today’s market. With sleazy riffs and heavy picking, the lead guitar on No Guts, No Glory is stellar rock and roll chops.

What makes Airbourne’s second album so wonderful is the steady backbeat provided by Ryan O’Keefe (drums), Justin Street (Bass), and David Roads (rhythm guitar). They are essential to the sound of the band and provide the perfect backdrop for which Joel O’Keefe can lay his vocals and lead guitar wizardry. Without the steady beat in the background, this formula would fall apart. The rest of the band helps to glue the sound together and produce a rocker’s delight.

Songs like Blonde, Bad, and Beautiful, It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over, and Chewin The Fat pay homage to Airbourne’s love of the opposite sex. Showing the life of a rock star, Airbourne sings about beautiful women and the wild times that can happen with them. It is the envy of every man who bangs his head alongside such songs.

Life on the road and hard living are the other themes well covered in songs like Raise The Flag, No Way But The Hard Way, and Get Busy Livin’. The lyrics talk about living life for all it’s worth now, because one never knows what tomorrow will bring, or if there will even be a tomorrow to enjoy. It’s better to rock out and enjoy it now. Live hard, live fast, and love your life.

With great, fast rhythm, heavy beats, and a rock and roll attitude, No Guts, No Glory is a worthy successor to Runnin’ Wild. Airbourne have delivered another exceptional hard rock album that is bound to be enjoyed by many a metal head. If you’ve been seeking that hard and heavy AC/DC sound that has your foot stomping the gas, look no further. Airbourne’s No Guts No Glory is where it’s at.

Ryo’s Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Born To Kill
No Way, But The Hard Way
Blonde, Bad, And Beautiful
Raise The Flag
Bottom Of The Well
White Line Fever
It AIn’t Over Till It’s Over
Steel Town
Chewin’ The Fat
Get Busy Livin’
Armed And Dangerous
Back On The Bottle

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