Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Summer Movies Editon

The summer is slowly creeping up on us, and to me, it’s a welcome friend. Not so much from the weather aspect, but from the entertainment side. One of my favorite loves after music and baseball is the movies. My daughter and I go see a movie a week in the summer, and it’s a cherished time for me. I believe it is for her as well, but we all know how fickle teenagers can be. Regardless, I enjoy our time together immensely and look forward to it every summer.

This year, we are excited about a few movies coming out. We’ve already seen Iron Man 2 (and loved it). Robin Hood, Prince of Persia, and Shrek 4 are all on our list. I’m all in for Toy Story 3 even though my daughter is against it (I’m taking her anyway). She wants to see Get Him To The Greek real bad, and I’m on the fence (she’ll probably drag me to that one).

There are some good movies coming out this summer and I’m really looking forward to seeing them and spending time with my daughter. Welcome summer – be sure to stay around for a while.

And while I was checking move times and buying enormous buckets of overly priced movie popcorn, here’s what rocked this week:

Metal Odyssey’s Review of Pop Evil/Charm City Devils
My buddy Stone over at Metal Odyssey has posted his review of our trip to Crocodile Rock to see Pop Evil and Charm City Devils. He gives a great alternative perspective to mine. In the end, we both agree that Pop Evil was incredible that night.

Ace Frehley Is Writing His Memoirs
Obviously I will be buying this book on the day of release. However, it’s interesting to note that he’s writing his memoirs about his time in Kiss. What about the rest of the picture? No Frehley’s Comet? No solo years? No how I recovered from alcoholism? That’s a shame. Ace should think about writing the whole story.

Mary J. Blige to Play Nina Simone
The fact that they are making a movie about Nina Simone’s life is wonderful news. Nina was an amazing artist and one of the first jazz musicians I ever got into. She has an incredible stable of music that you could spend hours enjoying. I will definitely be checking out this movie.

Memoirs From Butch Walker Too
Ace isn’t the only one working on his memoirs. Butch Walker is also hard at work on a book that he hopes will be published next year. Add this to my wish list! I’m very hopeful for some deep insight on why the Marvelous 3 called it quits and whatever happened to their supposed live album. I do hope Butch gives us the scoop.

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