Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Unravelling - 13 Arcane Hymns

The first noticeable thing about Move Forward Until You Are Dead, the opening track of 13 Arcane Hymns, is how different it is. This is not your father’s heavy metal. Not quite doom metal, not quite death metal, not quite Rob Zombie, The Unravelling are a hard rocking band from Canada. What’s the most unique part about this band? There are only two members.

Gustavo De Beauville handled all the music and musical arrangements while Steve Moore took care of all the vocals and lyrics. For this album, they recruited studio engineer Casey Lewis to play drums, and he did a fine job.

Dark in theme and sound, 13 Arcane Hymns is an album that rocks heavy and hard. From the opening guitar riff of Move Forward Until You Are Dead to the last notes of Victory Song, this is heavy metal for a new generation. The Unravelling are a unique breath of life in a stagnant metal scene. Their decidedly different hard rock is an enjoyable experience, even for those that don’t particularly care for doom metal.

The rhythm of the album is mesmerizing. Like a rollercoaster ride of rock and roll, the songs go up (way up) and drop down (way down) in perfect symmetry. Just when you think the ride is over, there’s more. All the while, 13 Arcane Hymns is getting better and better.

Steve Moore shows off a wide range of ability on this album. From soft and sweet and almost Michael Stipe-like (yes, that Michael Stipe), to loud and growling, Moore has a range that is quite impressive. Open Skull is a fine example of his spectrum. The verses are full of passionate screaming and power, while the chorus turns into a softer sung song.

Gustavo DeBeauville has some excellent talent on the guitar and his lead riffs on Last Rights Protest are a fine example of his ability with the ax in his hand. On top of all his brilliant ability with the guitar, DeBeauville also plays the bass and rhythm guitars on the entire album. His bass work is fantastic as well and his musical ability compliments Moore’s vocals perfectly.

It’s hard to believe that only two guys came up with such an amazing album. If you’re a fan of heavy, dark, rock, than 13 Arcane Hymns is an album you should own. With bold and beautiful music, lyrics that make you think, and lead vocals that range the spectrum like not many can, The Unravelling’s 13 Arcane Hymns is a solid album worth listening to over and over again.

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Ryo’s Rating – 8.5 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Move Forward Until You Are Dead
Becoming Chaos
Fire Breather
Open Skull
Last Rights Protest
Unscripted Disclosure
In The Safe House
Where Will It End?
Disconnect – Connect
My Resignation
Victory Song


Gustavo De Beauville said...

Hey Guru,
I hardly ever use the computer but Steve told me I had to check this review out.
This made my day brother - had me smiling.
Thanks for the kind words and encouragement on the record.
Give us as shout when our merch comes out - we don't forget support like this.

Ryo Vie said...

Hey Gus,

No need for the thanks. When it's good, it needs to be told, and 13 Arcane Hymns is great! Keep up the good work. Hope to catch you on tour if you hit the Northeast.


Anonymous said...

Just listening to this over and over and over!!!! just FANTASTIK !!!!!!
Yeah I'm looking forward to your tour too! or even playing anywhere!
GREAT great works.
Keep everyone posted
one love ...........