Sunday, June 6, 2010

Voice of Addiction - Re-evolution

Packed with more style changes than a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Chicago’s Voice Of Addiction have unleashed their heavy fueled, ska-punk sound on Re-evolution. This is a heavy, grunge-infused record, unique in sound and style offering a refreshing take on modern rock.

The alum opens with the heavy tune, Broken Bones and Broken Homes. A hard rocking track that is always evolving, Broken Bones… is a great introduction to Voice of Addiction. Their sound is unlike any heard before, a delicate blend of several types of rock and roll. Voice of Addiction showcase that range on Re-Evolution.

The best song on the disc is The Walls, which has lead singer Ian Tomele’s vocal range starting in the high and progressing to a low growling, before resuming the high range again. With spectacular bass solo, heavy drums, and the perfect rhythmic blend from guitar, The Walls is a song that will have fists pumping and feet stomping. This is old fashioned, kick in the balls, give me some more, rock and roll. This song must sound amazing in its live format.

While The Walls was heavy on bass and showed Ian Tomele’s vocal ability and bass playing prowess, Right Now opens with a guitar riff that gives Jeff Walschon the spotlight. Filled with more tempo changes that define Voice of Addiction’s style, Right Now is a slower, groove inspired number packed with jam moments that would make some dead-heads envious. The song explodes from there into a hardcore rocker’s dream. That’s VOA showing their ability to turn on a dime in the middle of a song. It works well for them and enhances their music, bringing it to the next level with power and force.

Re-evolution offers a perfect taste of Voice of Addiction that leaves the listener wanting more. That is something any solid record should do. Voice of Addiction has captured an exceptional, hard rocking, punk, blues, metal sound that is worth listening to. If you haven’t heard this band, do yourself a favor and check out their latest album, Re-evolution. It’s worth the time and the effort to hear some ass-kicking rock and roll that is such a rarity anymore.

You can learn more about the band and hear a few samples here:

Ryo’s Rating: 7.5 (out of 10)

Track Listng
Broken Bones and Broken Homes
Got Your Number
The Walls
Right Now
Grease The Wheel


Megs said...

VOA rocks! Do yourself a favor and see them live! Always a fun time...

Cee said...

VOA is awesome! Their shows are filled with a dynamic that very few bands rival.