Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Iron Maiden Concert Edition

This Sunday is going to be an excellent day for your cousin Ryo. I am going to be seeing Iron Maiden live for the fourth time in my life. The setlist for this current tour has been taking a lot of punishment from the US fans, but I think it’s exceptional. I love the fact that Maiden is mixing it up and not playing the same nostalgia songs every tour. That’s the beauty of Iron Maiden, they are always willing to try something different. I know that I will be singing along with every song they play, and when they do get to the classics, it will just make them that much more exciting. Iron Maiden is an incredible live act, and this concert is going to be amazing. Expect a full review of the entire show in the upcoming weeks.

Now, here’s what rocked this week:

Nickelback To Tour With Buckcherry and Three Days Grace
Wow! Nickelback, Buckcherry, and Three Days Grace. I am SO there!

Damn the Torpedoes or Full Moon Fever?
Over at 3minutes, 49 seconds, Paul has started a new column entitled rock solid. This column attempts to identify those masterpiece records. His first foray into this arena finds him debating between Damn The Torpedoes or Full Moon Fever. Personally, I think that’s unfair. Damn The Torpedoes is a Heartbreaker’s record, while Full Moon Fever is a Petty solo record. Shouldn’t they both qualify as the greatest work by those artists?

Review – Faith No More In Concert
Blogs N Roses has posted a review of Faith No More live in Philly from July 3rd. Interesting setlist and to me, quite unexpected. Still, if the band were to come a little closer to home, I’d want to check them out.

An Interview With Rudolph Schenker
Deb Rao over at Hard Rock Haven had a chance to sit down and talk with the famed Scorpions guitarist Rudolph Schenker. Note Rudolph’s quote of “of course we’ll play…Still Loving You”. What? I didn’t get that song!

Mick Jagger Reportedly Upset About Keith Richards’ Biography
Are you kidding me? Come on, Mick, what’s there to be upset about? All of your drug use and woman abusing has already been captured in Stephen Davis’ Old Gods Almost Dead. So why do you care if Keith brings it up again? Mick always has been the priss of the band. Personally, I can’t wait for Richards’ biography. I’ve got a space on my bookshelf all carved out for October!

And Finally…
I am VERY proud to announce the launch of my own bi-weekly column, Vie’s Verses. The folks at Hard Rock Hideout were gracious enough to provide me the opportunity to write a bi-weekly column and I am so excited about it. My first post went up last week, discussing the M3 festival and Vince Neil. Check it out by clicking on the link above.

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