Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pete Francis - The Movie We Are In

From the opening notes of Glue it is obvious that there is something very special happening on Pete Francis’ The Movie We Are In. The music is refreshing, not like anything heard before, yet not light years away from a familiar sound. Blending acoustic folk with modern rock, The Movie We Are In is an enjoyable array of musical styles.

At the center of the album is singer/songwriter/guitarist Pete Francis. Francis’ voice is soothing and soft, yet powerful when needed. A modern folk singer, Francis ability with the guitar is just as grand as his vocal talent. The 11 brand new tracks on The Movie We Are In showcase all of Francis’ talents and make this an album that will be listened to several times in a row.

The exceptional blend of acoustic folk, modern electric rock and keyboard driven funk is evident throughout this record. The styles fit together perfectly and Pete Francis makes the new songs stand out with his talent and ability. The lyrics are deep and moving, a result of the effort that Francis put into each individual song.

The album opens with the superb lead single Glue. This song blends so many styles that it’s near impossible to categorize the song into one particular genre. That’s the sign of an innovative songwriter. Music shouldn’t be categorized just for the sake of record sales and on Glue Francis is able to reach a wide array of audience. A complex organ intro leads into Francis’ fine guitar work and then his mellow vocals overtake the melody and make it a hit. A melodic modern acoustic rock track, Glue is an excellent opener and a great choice for lead single.

Good Man is the best song on The Movie We Are In. Kicking off with a sweet electric guitar riff before the drums come crashing in, Good Man is a foot tapping good time that will have you singing along immediately. The power of this song is instantaneous, and the track dominates the record. The keyboard backdrop adds to the song’s strength. There’s even a superb guitar solo at the middle of this track that just screams “rock on!” Francis brings the rock and roll on Good Man and his fans are bound to be happy that he did. The complex arrangement of Good Man really highlights Francis’ ability as a songwriter and arranger.

Songs like Red Cloud Road and Yellowbird show the softer side of Francis. Red Cloud Road has a Lou Reed vibe with soft vocals from Francis. The lyrics are intense and the mellow song is bound to be a future hit and fan favorite. Similarly, Yellowbird is mired in acoustic guitar and Hammond organ, saturated with Francis’ soft, sweet voice. Songs like these make Francis stand out as a modern folk hero.

With a hybrid of acoustic folk and electric rock, The Movie We Are In is a fantastic and fun record. Lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally talented, Pete Francis is a musician that more people should be paying attention to. His lyrics are deep, his voice is excellent, and the music he creates is simply stunning. The Movie We Are In is a fine example of his work and an album worthy of adding to any music lover’s collection.

Ryo’s Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Cartoon Sharks
Light Years
Good Man
Red Cloud Road
Love Shakes You Down
Light Up My Day
Yellow Bird
St. Pauls Fair
Constant Fire
I Didn’t Know I Built It

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