Sunday, August 8, 2010

CD Reviews You May Have Missed

As most of you faithful readers know, I write for Hard Rock Hideout on a regular basis. In addition to my bi-weekly column, Vie’s Verses, I also write a lot of album reviews. Some of them I mention here, but a lot of them post at HRH without getting their due on The Rock and Roll Guru. To help those of you that want to find my reviews on Hard Rock Hideout, and to keep some of my more recent reviews in one place, I decided to use this edition of CD Review Sunday to gather the reviews that are posted at HRH.

The list is below. Enjoy!

Black Sunshine – Black Sunshine

Ozzy Osbourne – Scream

Crashdiet – Generation Wild

Social Code – Rock N Roll

Taking Dawn – Time To Burn

Vain – All Those Strangers

Blackwood Creek – Blackwood Creek (Kip Winger’s Side Project)

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