Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Dave Matthews Band Tickets Edition

In case you haven’t heard, Dave Matthews Band is going on a fall tour. And in case you’ve been living under a rock, DMB will not be touring in 2011, meaning this is the last chance to see them until at least 2012. Tickets for most of their fall dates go on sale this morning at 10AM including two nights at Madison Square Garden in November. Your Cousin Ryo has the direct ticketmaster link bookmarked, so at 10:00 AM, I can jump on and (hopefully) get great tickets. I still don’t understand why the band doesn’t just send me comp passes. For all the coverage I give them on my site, what the heck?

Here’s what rocked this week:

Stone Temple Pilots Are Taking A “Break”
On one hand, it’s really sad to see that Scott Weiland really hasn’t changed. On the other hand, it’s entertaining and hard to look away from, like a car crash on the highway. If Weiland doesn’t pull it together soon though, the man is going to go into a total relapse.

Another Number One Album For Linkin Park
Like the little band that could, Linkin Park grabbed another number one album. Sales for their latest release, A Thousand Suns, topped 241,000 copies in its initial week of sales. That’s pretty darned good. Who says that no one pays for music? Apparently people pay for Linkin Park.

The Rolling Stones Are Set To Release a 1972 Gem
A very rare, highly sought after, and very enjoyable Rolling Stones concert film is coming to a DVD near you. Ladies and Gentlemen…The Rolling Stones, is a 1972 concert filmed in Texas during the Exile On Main Street tour. With songs such as Dead Flowers, All Down The Line, and Bye Bye Johnny, how can you not add this to your Stones collection? Look for this one on October 12th.

Roger Waters Squashes A Pink Floyd Reunion

But he’s not against another one-off show. We can only hope that it would be a full concert (ala Led Zeppelin at O2). Even though it’s just Waters and Gilmour, it’s still magical.

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