Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Labor Day Weekend Edition

Another summer comes to its unofficial end. Where did the summer go? I could have sworn it was Memorial Day only last weekend. Weren’t we just discussing the Rolling Stones release of the remastered Exile On Main Street and watching a video for Plundered My Soul? My, how the time flies!

For summer’s last gasp, Cathy and I will be attending a dinner party, and a barbecue. In addition to that, I will be seeing RUSH at the PNC Bank Arts Center tonight. I am looking forward to hearing Moving Pictures in its entirety along with some choice RUSH classics. It should be a fun-filled evening!

Here’s what rocked this week:

Bruce Springsteen To Release The Promise
As you already know if you read The Guru with any regularity, Bruce Springsteen is releasing a 6 disc box set for Darkness On The Edge Of Town. I personally cannot wait for this and I even have the money sitting aside in an envelope marked November 16th. November 17th may be a sick day at work for me.

Arcade Fire – Making Videos Cool Again
Talk about wild – Arcade Fire has unleashed an interactive video experience. In the video, the viewer can actually view their childhood home and write a note to their younger selves. As creepy as that is for some, it’s an interesting concept for me. What exactly would I write 12 year old Ryo? I’d probably say something like “Hey buddy, freaking grow a pair and ask Kristine out already!”

Vie’s Verses – What Album Should Kiss Perform Live?
That’s the question I pose over at Hard Rock Hideout with my latest installment of Vie’s Verses. With a lot of bands performing albums in their entirety, perhaps it’s time for Kiss to throw their hat into the ring and play one as well.

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