Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Morlocks - The Morlocks Play Chess

Are you a fan of hard rock music? Do you dig the blues? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to hear an exceptional hard rock band cover some classic blues songs? Well, wonder no more. The Morlocks have released The Morlocks Play Chess and the results are extremely entertaining.

Covering some all time blues classics, The Morlocks have cut these songs like they were their own. Each song has a stand out, signature hard rock style, while still remaining true to the original blues masterpiece. Songs like Killing Floor, Who Do You Love, and Back In The USA are all covered to perfection.

Lead singer Leighton Koizumi is the voice that powers this garage punk tribute to the blues classics. Never quite overpowering, and certainly not underwhelming, Koizumi’s vocals are just right for this project. Dark and growling, his voice sounds just the way most blues kings would like it to be. Koizumi sings with the passion that he’s been known for while band mates Mark Arnold (drums), Lenny Pops (guitar), Nicolas Jodoin (guitar), and Joe Baluta (bass) play with a ferocity that’s reminiscent of a band yearning to give their all for the fans. That’s exactly what The Morlocks do on this album, pouring their heart and soul into every classic blues cut.

The selection of great blues songs helps The Morlocks Play Chess stand out. Well known tracks like Who Do You Love and Boom Boom, are covered with love and deeper cuts like Promised Land, Feel So Bad, and You Can’t Sit Down get their proper due in the limelight. Every song on this album is a garage fueled inspiration to old school blues.

Overall, The Morlocks Play Chess is an excellent tribute album to the old classics. Performed in the modern punk style of The Morlocks, this is the perfect hybrid of old school blues, modern garage rock, and hard rock clubs. The Morlocks Play Chess is a tribute album worth paying attention to.

Ryo’s Rating: 7 (out of 10)

Track List
I’m A Man
Help Me
Killing Floor
Smokestack Lightning
Who Do You Love
Boom Boom
Promised Land
Sitting On Top Of The World
You Never Can Tell
Feel So Bad
You Can’t Sit Down
Back In The USA

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