Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Family Photos Edition

My sister and my nephew are still up visiting with me. They arrived last weekend, and it has been a joy spending time with them. While they’ve stayed at my house, we dug out some old family photos. We also took some new photos and made sure there were copies for everyone. One thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t have enough family photos. I also don’t display them enough at my house. Having my sister and my nephew here with me has made me rethink that. It’s about time that I started taking more pictures and sharing more memories. I think I’m going to start today.

Here’s what rocked this week:

Jim Morrison To Be Pardoned?
As the governor of Florida prepares his exit from office, there is some unfinished business that he would like to attend to. One of those pieces of business include pardoning Jim Morrison for indecent exposure at a concert in Miami. I guess a pardon would bring closure to the situation. At least the fans would be happy.

Ryan Adams Releasing A (sort of) New Album
This made me very happy. Ryan Adams has announced a new double album from Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. The album was recorded during the Easy Tiger sessions, which really has me excited. Easy Tiger is one of Ryan Adams’ best works, which leads me to believe this new double album will be just as brilliant. No word on the release date just yet.

Spin Doctors To Headline The Miami Music Festival
I didn’t even realize that this band was still together, but it’s apparently true. The Miami Music Festival is a three day concert/conference festival celebrating music of all types. I’d be interested in hearing how The Spin Doctors sound after all these years. I wonder if they can still belt out Pocket Full Of Kryptonite like it’s the 90s?

The Rolling Stones To Release Vinyl Box Sets
This is for the audiophile Rolling Stones fan – Box sets of remastered vinyl albums. There are two box sets. The first covers the years 1964 – 1969. The second covers the years 1971 – 2005 and includes the newly remastered edition of Exile On Main Street. Although pricey, if you’re a fan of the band and love your vinyl, this is a pretty darned good collection to pick up.

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