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Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band - July 17, 2003

Show 2 of 6

A standard performance for night two left me slightly disappointed. While it was still a Bruce Springsteen concert, which meant it was great, it lacked the depth that all of the other shows carried. Out of the 6 nights I saw that summer, this one was by far the weakest.

Following the amazing performance given by the band on opening night, I came to Giants Stadium for night two with high expectations. This time around I was attending the show with quite a different crowd from opening night. My colleagues Stephanie and Robin, along with my ex-wife, Nancy attended this concert with me.

Our seats were quite different from opening night as well. While on the first night I was in the low section with a good view, for night two, I was about as high up as you could get. I was literally the second to last row from the top – all the way up, section 325, row 31. I could touch the moon.

Although the ticket listed the start time at 7:30, it wasn’t until almost 8:30 that the sounds of Frank Sinatra’s Summer Wind filled the stadium and the band slowly made their way on stage. I knew from attending the first show that this would probably be the case. I also knew that we were in for a long night of exceptional entertainment.

The band wasted no time and launched right into The Rising, forgoing the acoustic version of Born In The USA this time around. With the title track of the latest album hitting the airwaves, we were underway. Lonesome Day followed and the new album was two for two. The first rarity of the evening was performed next in the form of Night. It was an excellent version that put a smile on my face.

One of the drawbacks of sitting on the moon at a stadium concert is the acoustics. While the sound carried well from the stage throughout the stadium, it was a little hard to hear all the way at the top. It was near impossible to know what Bruce was saying when he spoke to the crowd, and the softer songs were very quiet all the way up there. Although we still enjoyed ourselves, I would be hesitant to sit that high up for another concert.

Classics were hard to come by that evening. While we did get the aforementioned Night, a stunning Candy’s Room, and the timeless Growin’ Up, the rest of the setlist was pretty standard for that Giants Stadium run. The expected songs from the new album were all performed, and the encore was standard fare, with the exception of Hungry Heart.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still an incredible evening, but it lacked the power that the other Bruce shows had during that run. The second night at Giants Stadium wasn’t anywhere near as grand as the opening night. However, I expected there to be some night two letdown. I just didn’t expect that the drop off would be so severe.

Not that there was much to complain about, it was still Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band after all. And the following night would be a stunning concert that would blow me and my girlfriend away – a concert that may end up in the top ten of all time. That Thursday night’s performance was unfortunately the sandwich show in between the killer opening night, and the soon-to-be-legendary night three.

The Rising
Lonesome Day
Candy’s Room
Prove It All Night
Empty Sky
You’re Missing
Waitin’ On A Sunny Day
Growin’ Up
Worlds Apart
Out In The Streets
Mary’s Place
Into The Fire
No Surrender
First Encore
Thunder Road
Hungry Heart
Born To Run
My City Of Ruins
Second Encore
Land Of Hopes And Dreams
Dancing In The Dark

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