Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dead Snares - Speak The Language

If U2’s Bono joined a modern punk band, the produced sound would definitely emulate Dead Snares. Innovation, style, and great music surround Speak The Language, the Dead Snares debut album. Jeffrey Cain (of Remy Zero) with his new project, Dead Snares, has put together one haunting, beautiful, and poetic album in Speak The Language.

Speak The Language opens with the dark yet poignant The Language, which sets the tone of the album immediately. There is something attractive and addicting in the music, the lyrics, and Cain’s amazing voice. Soft and powerful, Speak The Language is an album that pulls the listener in with beautiful painted lyrics, specially crafted music, and a lot of brilliant musical art. It’s obvious that Cain labored over this album for some time. The result was a masterpiece.

A lot happens on this record. The blend of several instruments and sound effects is just a pure treat for the ears. Whether it’s the amazing acoustic guitar picking, the harmonic synthesizers and strings, or the sultry vocals emulating from Cain’s throat, each individual sound can be picked out, dissected, and enjoyed. The sum of all the parts creates an astonishing finished product.

Cain’s guitar work is mesmerizing. His ability with both the acoustic and electric axe is second to none. Cain creates a crescendo with the layering of guitars that is impossible to resist. Every song is more habit forming than the next. Every note is a blessing from the musical heavens.

Speak The Language is like a fine wine or a well aged scotch. It’s meant for sipping and enjoying over a period of time. That’s not to say that individual songs don’t stand out or can’t be enjoyed alone because they certainly can. However, the album is best consumed in one sitting, preferably with a great set of headphones while watching the sun rise, or sitting alone in the dark. The power of the music permeates the body and overtakes the senses while being consumed by the ear canals.

The depth of Speak The Language is in the brilliance that went into creating it. Jeffrey Cain poured his heart and soul into this album and it shows in the final result. His intention was to move the listener and make them think. Mission accomplished. By the end of Speak The Language the listener is moved. He/she feels something that wasn’t felt prior to sitting down with the record, and it’s a good feeling. It’s something that one can’t quite put a finger on, but it’s pure and it’s whole.

If you can close your eyes and envision a picture perfect day with the precise temperature in the air, the exact amount of sunlight sifting in from the sky, and the perfect smell of the season filling the nostrils, then you can imagine what it’s like to listen to Speak The Language. This is an album that really must be added to the collection. It’s a work of brilliance that everyone should enjoy.

Ryo’s Rating: 9 (out of 10)

Track Listing
The Language
Strike Up The Band
City Sparks
As Above, So Below
These Dirty Streets
Thrive (In A Vague Moment)
A Voice To Speak
The Age Of Fear
An Unending


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