Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Goodbye To A Dear Friend Edition

Last weekend, I attended the funeral service for my good friend, Bobby. Most of the regular readers know Bobby from our shared concert experiences. Whether it was the Motley Crue debacle at Madison Square Garden or discovering Pop Evil together, Bobby was always one to share a great time. He taught me to be more open, less judgmental, and to just let myself go and have a good time once in a while.

Bobby passed away far too early, and it’s been a difficult week for me as I try to make sense of his untimely passing. Unfortunately, no sense can be made of it. When life on Earth is over, it’s over. I know that I will see him in Heaven, waiting to rock the night away. Bobby will be missed. He was an amazing man, and a great friend, that was taken from us far too soon. I pray that he will rest in peace.

Here’s what rocked this week:

Furthur Is Doing Their Version of March Madness
With 8 shows scheduled to take place this March in New York City, Furthur is doing their very own version of the March Madness concert performances. 5 of these performances will take place at the Best Buy Theater (formerly the Nokia Theater) and the remaining 3 concerts will be held at Radio City Music Hall. Tickets for all shows are on sale now.

The Original March Madness Band – The Allman Brothers
Not to be outdone, The Allman Brothers are once again performing their string of March dates in New York City. Returning to the Beacon Theater after a one year hiatus (that saw them performing at a different venue in NYC due to a scheduling conflict), The Alllman’s will be rocking back where they belong. Tickets for these shows are on sale now (if they haven’t sold out already).

Let The Festivals Begin
The lineup for this year’s Coachella Festival has been announced and with it comes the start of another festival season. Once again, some great bands will be performing at Coachella including Arcade Fire, Duran Duran, Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys, and Animal Collective. This only serves to whet my appetite for the other festivals in 2011. Expect more announcements as they are made available.

Some New Van Halen?
Rumors abound about a new album, a new tour, and a box set. I’m hopeful for all three, but I’d love a box set most of all. I just hope the band doesn’t forget about the Sammy or Gary Cherone years if they do release a box set. Some live Gary Cherone fronted Van Halen and some Hagar-era demos would be excellent.

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