Monday, January 24, 2011

A Nice Site To Visit: The Spaghetti Incident

Do you like setlists? Do you like the odd bit of commentary here and there? Do you enjoy finding setlists of bands that other sites do not cover? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then The Spaghetti Incident is the site for you.

Whether he’s covering modern alternative bands like Weezer or My Chemical Romance, classic rock bands like U2 or Meatloaf, or modern pop stars like Lady Gaga, Jimmy Jangles (author of is laying out the latest news and setlists for all to enjoy.

And the setlists aren’t just limited to what’s being toured in America. The Spaghetti Incident has U2’s latest tour of New Zealand covered, as well as Meatloaf in Ireland, and Bon Jovi in Australia. Want to know what some of your favorite bands have been playing overseas? This is the site to visit to get all the answers. Being a setlist junkie, I was immediately drawn to I love to learn what bands are performing night in and night out and how they are keeping their shows fresh and entertaining (to themselves) while still packing in the hits that the fans expect to hear.

Before each setlist is posted, Jimmy Jangles is nice enough to provide a little commentary of the concert. He explains where the band is, where they’ve been, and what portion of their current tour the concert was for. It sets the post up nicely as the reader is able to get into the mindset of the current tour and see how the bands change things up night after night.

From Paul McCartney to Metallica, Bad Religion to Ozzy Osbourne, has it all. If you’re curious about what was played at a certain concert, this is the site to check first (especially if the concert was overseas). Have a setlist that you don’t see posted? The Spaghetti Incident invites you to share. Jimmy Jangles will make sure the list goes up and is registered for permanent posterity. What more could you ask for?

What? That’s not enough? Well then, The Spaghetti Incident invites you to share your own concert experience. You can contribute a post to The Spaghetti Incident detailing what your night at your favorite show was like (and of course, include the setlist). While you won’t get paid for your contribution, you will get a little notoriety on the World Wide Web and your words will be seen by a rather large audience. That’s not a bad trade off.

You can check out The Spaghetti Incident (and all the wonderful archived setlists) by clicking here:

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Jimmy Jangles said...

Heya - thanks for saying nice things about The Spaghetti Incident?!

Ryo Vie said...

My pleasure! Love the sight - keep up the good work!