Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Nice Site To Visit: Pure Hard Rock Blog

Do you want to talk about a totally cool hard rock website? Well, let’s discuss Pure Hard Rock. This is the blog that lets you sample the music for free. And we’re talking a whole lot of music. With an embedded flash MP3 player, Pure Hard Rock let’s you listen to the music while you read about the band that your ears are enjoying.

Hosted and run by Virtuoso, this gentleman has put together one of the coolest rock sites on the Internet. Whether it’s the Scorpions, Whitesnake, W.A.S.P., or a host of other well known hard rock acts, they are all profiled at Pure Hard Rock. But the metal doesn’t end with just the well known bands. A lot of 80s glam bands are covered as well as some lesser known (or less popular) bands like Steeler and Helloween. Covering over 100 hard rock acts in all, Pure Hard Rock is a site that you can spend hours on.

Each band is profiled with a well written, comprehensive biography that discusses when they were formed, a history of the band and their music, where they are now, and current and former members. A discography of the band’s work is included at the end of each biography. These are the most comprehensive discographies that I have seen on any site. They not only include the studio and live albums, but also demos and rarities albums that have been released by the bands as well. In most cases, a link to the band’s current website is also included.

Each band has their own page which the reader is directed to by clicking on the band name. An MP3 flash player automatically starts to play selected songs by the featured artist. Videos are embedded on most pages as well. While the site has not been updated since the summer of 2009, most of the videos and MP3 players still work. I was disappointed however, when I went to the Faster Pussycat page and saw that not only was their MP3 player not working, the video for You’re So Vain had been disabled. I know that happens a lot on the web, but it’s still a shame that their awesome cover cannot be heard on Pure Hard Rock.

Pure Hard Rock is not for those in a hurry. While it is good if you’re looking for a quick bio on a particular rock band, or if you want a taste of what a certain band’s music sounds like, be warned, the site is addicting. You can easily find yourself losing hours of time on Pure Hard Rock as you peruse the numerous band pages, listening to the streaming audio of literally thousands of full length songs. The bios are compelling, and if you’re as insane as cousin Ryo can be, you just might find yourself looking up more information on certain bands (while playing the songs from Pure Hard Rock in the background). This is a great site that is highly recommended for any metal head looking to bang away some time in front of their computer.

You can check out the blog at http://purehardrock.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

don't say it's the Pure Hard Rock Blog, it's very annoying without led zeppelin and deep purple

shredder virtuoso said...

For Rocknrollguru owner.

Thanks for review my blog.

For anonymous.

I'm a purehardrock owner. Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple already there since i'm create that blog.