Monday, February 7, 2011

Speculating Where The Dave Matthews Band Will Be This Summer

As most fans of DMB know, the band has decided to take the year off from touring. To us diehards, that means they are hopefully in the studio creating a new album. However, as a recent post on their website showed, the band has plans to play four concerts this year in honor of their 20th anniversary. The message specifically states “we have decided to play four multi-day, multi-artist music events that will take place this summer.” So what does that mean?

No further information is currently available, but that doesn’t mean your cousin Ryo can’t sit here and speculate. If you want to see DMB in 2011, you’ll have four chances to do so. And it will only be at festivals. So which ones do you think the band will appear at?

My first guess is obvious…Bonnaroo ( The Tennessee festival is having their 10th anniversary this year and would obviously like to celebrate in style. DMB played Bonnaroo last summer, and the band had an amazing time there. Every time Dave Matthews appears at Bonnaroo, it’s a huge draw for fans. DMB loves the atmosphere, the fans, and the whole ambiance of Bonnaroo. Their chances of returning again this summer are great, which makes it my first pick.

It gets a little harder to determine from there. A lot of the summer festivals have already announced their lineup, and while that doesn’t mean that the Dave Matthews Band couldn’t show up as a surprise act, it’s highly unlikely. This would mean the festivals the band will appear at this summer are most iley festivals that have not announced their lineups yet (ala Bonnaroo). We all know DMB’s love for The Gorge (having performed there every September for years), so logically it would make sense for the band to pick Sasquatch ( as one of the festivals they would perform at. The full lineup has not been announced, and the only band confirmed on the bill so far is The Foo Fighters.

Outside Lands
San Francisco is another city where DMB loves to perform. One of their strongest Live Trax albums (Volume 2) came from a concert held at Golden Gate Park (where Outside Lands is held). Outside Lands ( would be a perfect festival for the Dave Matthews Band to appear in 2011. It’s on the west coast (figuring DMB will want to hit both coasts this summer), it’s a huge festival, and it’s in a city where the band loves to perform. It stands to reason that DMB could be appearing in San Francisco this summer.

Austin City Limits
Austin City Limits ( is another festival celebrating their 10th anniversary. DMB last played there in 2009, so it is a festival the band knows well and enjoys appearing at. Taking place in mid-September, it would be a great festival for the Dave Matthews Band to spend part of their summer at. Always a large draw with several fantastic headliners, Austin City Limits is a well known, well respected festival. The location of the festival makes it easy to access for fans on both the west and east coasts. That could make it a very attractive location for both the band and their fans.

While we obviously won’t know where DMB will be this summer until the official announcements are made, the news that they are performing any shows at all has me salivating like a starving puppy at feeding time. It looks like there will be a summer trip in my future. My guess is that it will be to one of the four festivals listed above. Once the official announcement is made, you can expect an update. Until then, all we have is speculation. Where do you think the band will show up this summer?

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