Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Baseball Trade Deadline Edition

As most readers of The Rock And Roll Guru know, your cousin Ryo is a huge baseball fanatic. I can’t even begin to calculate the countless hours of my life that have been spent watching or reading about the game. It has always been my favorite sport and I am certain that it will always continue to be my favorite sport.

This Sunday is a huge day in the world of Major League Baseball---the trading deadline. Sunday, July 31st, is the last day that MLB teams have to trade for players without waivers. It’s the last day that most teams make their big mid-season acquisitions as they push forward into the playoff race. With some surprise teams in the post season hunt this year (Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians, New York Mets), it will be interesting to see which General Manager pulls the trigger on a great deal that will put their team into a position to win.

This week, I have been watching the trade news like a metal head waiting to see the latest festival lineup. It brings me pure joy to watch teams wheel and deal as we learn the fate of some big name players. It’s always interesting to see what team they end up on and how well they help that team perform down the stretch. I expect that this weekend, I will be paying more attention to baseball than to music, and for me, that’s saying a lot. Add in the fact that I am attending both games of Saturday’s Yankees/Orioles doubleheader and you can see that it is going to be a fantastic weekend of baseball.

Here’s what rocked this week:

Gene Simmons Pops The Question
Hmmm, this reeks of a marketing ploy. Does he really propose? Does long time girlfriend Shannon Tweed say yes? It’s been a very hokey few months for Mr. Simmons. I just have to state that this seems to be a big ratings gimmick. Let’s hope that it doesn’t affect the next Kiss album.

A New Addition To The “27” Club
With the sad passing of Amy Winehouse this week, Billboard looks back on all of the significant musicians who passed away at age 27. It’s a shame that most of them could have lived much longer. While I was never a huge Winehouse fan, there is no denying her talent and ability. It’s sad to see the way her life ended.

Nirvana’s 20th Anniversary Edition Of Nevermind Coming on September 27th
New details have emerged regarding the 20th anniversary edition of Nirvana’s Nevermind. The different versions arriving include more unreleased tracks, a special 4-disc edition (with a DVD), and a deluxe 2-disc version. The 4-disc version will have the original Butch Vig mix of the album as well as some other special treats. Personally, I’m surprised, because I didn’t think that there was any more unreleased Nirvana material left. Grunge fans rejoice on September 27th!

Every Album Challenge Update
Albums Listened To: 205
Albums Remaining: 1,848

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