Sunday, September 18, 2011

DJ Jounce - Temporal Ascent

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, DJ Jounce has unleashed his debut disc, Temporal Ascent. If you’re a fan of the club scene and electronic/dance music (or even if you’re not), this is an album that must be heard. It’s been a long time since dance music has sounded this grand.

Graduating at the top of his class from the Recording Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California, Jounce immediately put his magical skills to work. Landing a prominent deal with Calvin Klein, Jounce recorded the music for a marketing campaign before heading into the studio to record his rookie release.

Sherryce, who has a voice like smooth chocolate, and Rachel Lynn Sebastian, who sounds like a goddess, each make a guest appearance on the album. They handle vocal duties on two of its best songs. Sherryce sings lead on “Ooh La La,” which has club hit written all over it. Between her magical voice and Jounce’s ability at laying down brilliant rhythms, “Ooh La La Baisez Moi)” is destined for stardom.

Rachel Lynn Sebastian is featured on the closing track of the album, “I Gotchu Babe.” A slower R&B ballad, “I Gotchu Babe” is a mesmerizing and memorable track. Think Eminem and Rhinna’s hit “I Love The Way You Lie” and you’ll have an idea of how great this final song is. It leaves the listener wanting more and at that point, the repeat button will be hit so that the entire record can be played again. Temporal Ascent never gets old and never falters. For a debut record, the album is stunning. It is obvious that Jounce is an untapped gold mine of talent with a bright future in the industry.

Not many minds would be able to piece together the beats that Jounce has and certainly not in the style that he has arranged them. His talents are second to none and Jounce is a mastermind when it comes to dance music. Temporal Ascent is an exciting record that definitely left me yearning to hear more. I’m curious to know what else DJ Jounce has up his sleeve.

Packed with rhythmic, pulsating, beats and smooth slow jams, DJ Jounce’s Temporal Ascent is a fantastic album for fans of electronic, dance, and/or club music. If you are searching out a sound that will have your ass shaking on the dance floor (or at least in your car seat), I highly recommend that you check out Temporal Ascent.

Temporal Ascent is available now on ITunes, Rhapsody, Amazon music, and wherever records are sold.

Ryo’s Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Melt In
Ooh La La (Baisez Moi) featuring Sherryce
These Walls Have Eyes featuring Sha Sabi
A Memory Of
Finger On The Trigger featuring K’Sandra
29 O’Clock
I Gotchu Babe featuring Rachel Lynn Sebastian


Anonymous said...

writer, you picked the worst songs to write about, those sounds are so outdated. the other songs are way better, get yourself updated in the music if you write

Ryo Vie said...

...said the anonymous commenter. I guess some people like the other songs better. Either way, it's still a great CD.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryo Vie ... thanks for sharing this great music. I've heard the entire CD and ALL the songs are awesome are none are outdated. LOVE IT!