Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paleo - Fruit Of The Spirit

Indie artist extraordinaire, Paleo, returns with his latest album Fruit Of The Spirit. The follow up to last year’s A View Of The Sky finds Paleo continuing to churn out great music in the indie vein. Rarely has an indie rocker been as creative or productive as Paleo. His ability to craft genius songs in such a short period of time should be bottled and sold to other artists across the industry.

Paleo’s dominance of the independent music scene reigns supreme on Fruit Of The Spirit. Each song is artfully crafted to resonate deep with the listener. He continues to be a poet first, singer second, and guitarist third. He has exceptional talent at each level, but it’s clear that the strongest suit of Paleo’s is his lyric writing ability.

That trend continues on this latest disc. Deep, passionate lyrics fill the eleven tracks eloquently and sometimes playfully. Paleo’s command of the English language and his ability to flourish when laying pen to paper is not only a thing of beauty, it’s a mesmerizing form of entertainment. His way of communicating deep thoughts through poetic lyrics and emphasized vocals is as masterful as it is artistic.

Channeling his inner Dylan on songs like “Holly Would,” but adding a modern folk twist, Paleo’s creativity continues to shine. The simple beat combined with thought provoking lyrics and Paleo’s one of a kind voice provide an entertaining song that is bound to get multiple listens.

Short and sweet, yet packed with so much musical fun, Fruit Of The Spirit is another strong effort by the great Paleo. While not as grand as his previous album, A View Of The Sky, Fruit Of The Spirit still has many moments of greatness that make it a worthwhile album. Paleo’s artful dominance continues to grow by leaps and bounds and given enough time, he will be the darling of the indie world (although to fans, he already is).

If you’ve been seeking a different type of music that is enjoyable, artful, decidedly different, and open minded, then Fruit Of The Spirit is a great album to add to your collection. However, if you’re seeking the next great pop hit, you may want to pass on this disc --- it’s much too layered to be considered a pop sensation.

Ryo’s Rating: 7 (out of 10)

Track List
Over The Hill And back Again
The Rager
Poet II
Favorite Places
Holly Would
Buddy Buddy
Honey Be Reckless
In The Movies

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